Why Mullen Lowe Company is lucky to have Jose Borghi on their team.

It is very hard to create a great niche in the media industry considering how technology is always changing and the amount of competition present. One individual who has been able to become successful in the Brazilian advertising industry is Jose Borghi. He has been involved in the advertising business for more than twenty years always aiming and doing his best in everything he does. He majorly gained his advertising expertise at Leo Burnett agency where he served as the vice president and later rose to be the organization’s president. While working at Leo Burnett, Borghi had a chance of sharpening his leadership skills that helped when he decided to start his own agency by partnering with Erh Ray.

The two joined hands and started the Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence agency that with time became successful. Later, Lowe and the organization joined to form Mullen Lowe agency. The two became the co-CEOs of Mullen Lowe Company implementing their continuous dedication and hard work. Ever since Jose started his career journey, he has been seen to have a state of art technology and high sense of creativity that helps in creating fantastic adverts. Creating n advert is one thing but creating a unique and wonderful advert is another concept. He has been awarded various prestigious recognition and accolades for his good work such as the campaigns for Antarctica, Mitsubishi, and Ox Cosmetics among others.

Jose Borghi is expected to implement the various business strategies that will help in bringing profits and positive results to the company. He majorly focuses his expertise and time to the innovation and creativity department of the firm to ensure their clients are fully satisfied, and their needs met. He works hand in hand with the other members showing and directing them what to do and what not to. He believes that through teamwork and dedication, Mullen Lowe Company will come on top and become the best advertisement agency in Brazil and the world. This is what keeps him going in his day to day activity. His determination and courage when it comes to going for what he aspires are what makes Jose Borghi different from other media personalities in the industry.

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