Transportation and Mobility Finds a New Ray of Light

To find transportation solution in an around the Williamson and Travis counties, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was created during 2002. This body finds ways to improve and, innovative multi-modal transportation solutions, as well as helps in reducing the menacing congestion of the roads, along with inventing choices of transportation that will help with a feasible way of mobility.

Mike Heiligenstein is famously known for his role as an integral part of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He is the Executive Director of this authority body and has been a part of this grand plan, since its nascent stage.

He has seen this body develop and has also been a part of the very first projects, namely, 183A in Williamson County, which had made cashless toll transactions possible, through all-electronic devices used as a convenient mode of payment.

The mobility authority is structured in a very professional manner and is overseen by a total of seven-member Board of Directors. That being said, the Governor is the person who would appoint the Chairman of the authority, while the Travis and Williamson counties Commissioners Courts would each appoint three members who are rightful to serve on the Board.

This authority board was created under the well planned Texas Transportation Code (Chapter 370), plus, it is authorized by the State law to implement and invent ways of safe and wider ranges of transportation facilities. These facilities include railways, seaports, transit services and even airport.

The Mobility Authorities’ work never ceases, for it is currently undergoing collaboration with the regional transportation entities to verify and study the possibilities of six other expressways which are feasible options, across Central Texas.

Plus, on a very recent endeavor, it has opened the 290 Toll (Manor Expressway) projects and is also working on constructing the Express Lanes on MoPac (Loop 1). According to Forbes, all of this work is done under the keen supervision of Mike Heiligenstein.

Mike has spoken about revolutionary changes in the transportation scenario when it comes to Austin area. He is keen on working with the driverless automobiles and apps that would help people with sharing their rides to go from one point to another, also states that there should be a huge amount of investment when it comes to the growth of the transportation capacity, especially by building several smart roads.

He also exclaims that more, functional smart roads are the one true answer to the growing demands of mobility in this densely populated world, which is ever so growing, thus, finding a solution to something that has been unsolvable for ages.

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