Tony Petrello’s Giving Heart

Tony Petrello has contributed a lot of his own personal money in investments for the production and research of children hospitals. This generous giving is inspired by his daughter that suffers from an unfortunate neurological condition in the brain that occurs among premature child births from lack of blood flow to the brain. Tony has devoted his life and funds to improving the development of innovation of neurological research. The figures range from six to even seven figures in his drive to provide the medical field with the needed equipment and resources to continue research. The amount of donations given to the medical field is not in vain as it goes to hopefully produce a successful treatment and cure for children who are currently born today with neurological disorders. This speaks volumes on what kind of giving person Tony Petrello is. He cherishes every moment of everyday he has with his daughter. Tony hopes that the money invested and the Research at the Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital will pave a way for Neurological research.

Tony Petrello is a very intelligent man who graduated from Yale University with a bachelors degree of Science in Mathematics. He did not stop here as he continued his education an earned a Masters in the same field and also graduated Harvard Law School. He is the CEO of the largest drilling contractor in the world, Nabors Industries. Holding this title and also managing to donate and provide for his family produces a positive image and character for Tony. His good deeds do not go unseen as he has gained supporters from other companies and friends in his ultimate pursuit to provide the children’s hospital with necessary equipment and research.

Tony Petrello didn’t come into the company as CEO immediately as he entered the company as only elected member of the companies board and Directors Executive Committee. Tony had to earn his way to the top position as he later became Deputy Chairmen and then chairmen of the board. Throughout Tony’s career and life he has devoted himself to his daughter and making sure that she can grow up to be anything that she desired to be. He still ensures that his activities and production revolves around his daughter as he looks to cherish every moment of the gift of life.

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