Thor Halvorssen: Entertaining And Influencing

One of the best ways to fight for a cause is to showcase it in every way imaginable. There are a lot of activists for human rights. However, not many of them are very effective. For one thing, in many cases, they are only shown talking about the issue. In some cases, they do put together documentaries. However, a lot of those documentaries tend to fly under the radar. They don’t bring to light the issues that they are trying to fight. However, there is one activist who has the energy and the passion to be creative. His name is Thor Halvorssen.

Thor Halvorssen a human rights activist. He is highly involved in many cases of human rights violations. He does everything he can to not only bring attention to these issues, but to also encourage others to take a stand and let the perpetrators know that it won’t be tolerated. To go along with his fight for human rights, he is also involved in film production. He has produced quite a few films. For one thing, he knows that a lot of people watch movies. Therefore, if he can use this medium to bring the issue of human rights to light, then this is one more success in his pursuits.

He is also able to use his film producing position to his advantage when it comes to human rights activism. He has met with plenty of workers and celebrities in the industry. He has shared his passion with them and has gained the help of some people. He has run into people that have a lot of compassion that takes them beyond the desire to make movies. They also have a dream to change the world. This is one of the reasons that they take the time to help the suffering.


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