The Woman with No Limits: Patty Rocklage

Meet the happy, warm and articulate woman who is known for her diversity in various areas of expertise. The effects of Rocklage’s productivity are not only felt by the people she encounters but also become permanent memories in people’s lives and a source of great joy and satisfaction.


Patty Rocklage, a graduate of the University of Southern California, is an experienced therapist specializing in family and marriage therapy. Through her prowess, she has been able to help many couples who seek her services. According to many who have met her, she doesn’t discriminate anyone, and she offers helpful counsel due to her special way of connecting with clients.


Outside her formal career life, Patty extends her services to the entire community as a life coach, through teamwork activities and public speaking. She is a selfless lady who finds satisfaction in serving people. Her actions and service to society elude respect from her peers and the community as a whole.


Rocklage’s services reach out not only to the people of her locality or race, but also to worldwide communities such as Southern Sudan. She has established the Sudanese Education Fund, an outreach program where she actively serves on the board in the department of women. Through this program, the southern Sudanese people in Massachusetts can attain high-quality education, as well as have equal chance to better jobs and living conditions.


Patty also supports and offers a donation to the department of chemistry in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is an exemplary woman who heals both the current generation with her medical skills as a psychotherapist, as well as improving the future generation by providing them with the right education for a successful and healthy future.


Patty Rocklage is also an excellent modern day successful woman who stands by her husband as a partner in his achievements. She is also known for her good taste in interior and exterior designs, which are evidenced by her burning desire to have her kitchen customized. The interior finishing of her house compliment the elegant personality that she possesses. Through her professionalism and philanthropy, Patty Rocklage has been a success story to everyone around her.


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