The Importance of Personalized Merchandizing and Speed as Told by Sentient AI

The company of Sentient AI provides useful resources and information on all things sentient as well as other resources related to online businesses. In the latest article of theirs, the company talks about personalized merchandising and the changes it has brought to e-commerce both for clients and retailers.


Personalized merchandising is showing the right products to the right people and at the right time. It is all about creating an experience catering t the preferences to the individual who is the potential buyer. That creates a much higher possibility that the person will purchase something and they will also have an easier time navigating the store. Ease of use is a vital factor for a high conversion rate.


Tactics such as personalized merchandizing are complex to create but on the other end f the spectrum where the shopper is, such kind of merchandising is a very subtle experience. It is a flow of products which will most likely have the shopper spend a lot of extra time on the e-commerce site viewing the many products they like.


Time is money in terms of personalized merchandising as well. The twist here is that the more time the shopper spends on the website, the more money they are likely to spend. That is what makes personalized merchandizing so attractive to retailers and why most e-commerce sites are using this tactic.


Previously, e-commerce sites would trust pop-up ads for random products and the user would have to close them (if they find out how) before continuing with what they were doing. That is a more aggressive way of doing things and it rarely achieved success but it did put users off the site for good. These days search engines have started reducing search appearance rates for pages with pop-up ads.


Another incredibly important factor of for conversion rate is speed. Modern shoppers know how to search for products and they have no problem bouncing from one site to another as there are so many e-commerce sites to choose from. If the site is not fast enough they will pass on. That is why a speed-optimized e-commerce website is necessary.


According to studies, the average attention span for American shoppers in eight seconds and most of the time that is all you got to grab their attention for longer. As the market grows and the consumers are growing more spoiled with the vast choice they have, attention span decreases and so does the tolerance for slow websites.

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