The Iconic Role Played by Drew Madden in The Healthcare IT Sector

Drew Madden is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated figures in the realm of Healthcare; not because he is a seasoned medical practitioner but because he is an outstanding Healthcare IT expert and entrepreneur. His remarkable track-record has been exhibited throughout his career as he has always engaged in establishing exceptional teams, exquisite corporation cultures, and maintaining healthy partnerships with clients.

Drew Madden has an inexplicable passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and has always envisaged solving any mishaps that may arise in or compromise any EMR project. To achieve this goal, Drew Madden has collaborated with the finest practitioners in the IT industry.

His prolificacy can be attributed to his impressive educational background and experience. Drew Madden holds a BSE in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Medical Systems from the Iowa Collage of Engineering. He also has a considerably long experience that spans over a decade. He kicked off his Healthcare IT career in 2001 as an employee of the Cerner Corporation, and later in 2005, he worked for Ingenix as an Epic consultant.

In 2010, he was employed by Nordic Consulting Partners and thereafter became the corporation’s president. During his era as the president, Nordic Consulting Partners became one of America’s largest Epic Consulting Companies. This was replicated in the number of prestigious accolades that the company received between 2012 and 2014. An example of these accolades is being ranked the first position in epic implementation of services and the KLAS Awards for Consulting Excellence.

The numerous awards that Nordic Consulting Partners achieved under his reign were a tip of the iceberg. Drew Madden caused tremendous growth and development for the company; this was proved by the increased number of employees and client partners as well as the rise in the annual revenue. The corporation had the number of staff increase from 10 to over 700 while that of client partners increased 50 times. The annual revenue increased by over 30 million dollars.

Drew Madden has always used his exceptional talent to develop several aspects of the Healthcare IT sector, especially the Electronic Medical Records. His distinguishable blend of IT expertise with a vast experience in project management and consultation operations gives him an edge over his peers in the industry.

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