The Financial Career Of James Dondero

James Dondero is one of the founders of Highland Capital Management. The firm is in the field of asset management and based out of Texas. Mr. Dondero is now a member of the Southern Nevada University’s Executive Board for the Cox School of Business. This includes a program that encourages pursuits both professionally and academically including the George W. Bush Museum and Library.


The Cox School is a vital factor in the contributions to the business community located in Dallas. Dondero has stated he is most honored to be given the opportunity to assist in the excellence promoted by the school. The board is filled with around 100 members and most of them are not academics. The boards purpose is to advise the school on their business strategies. The board meets in the spring, winter and fall.


Dondero also holds the position of Chairman with the Nexpoint Residential Trust, Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical. He sits on the board for MGM Studios and Jernigan Capital as well.


Highland Capital Management is an investment advisor with the prominence of being registered with the SEC. Highland and their affiliates have $16 billion in assets they are responsible for managing. James Dondero and Mark Okada founded Highland in 1993. The company specializes in numerous types of credit strategies.


Highland offers service including alternative investments, equities and natural resources and has an extremely diversified client base. The company is located in Dallas, Texas with additional offices in New York, Singapore, Paolo and Seoul.


The Cox School of Business at SMU was established in 1920 in Dallas. They were located in the Southern Methodist University and were named after their benefactor Edwin L. Cox. They offer graduate and undergraduate programs in business.


James Dondero is credited as a co-founder of Highland Capital Management. His thirty years of experience in equity markets and credit have made him extremely knowledgeable in both fields. His career began when he worked as an analyst while participating in the Morgan Guaranty training program.


Dondero was a graduate of the University of Virginia and received the highest possible honors. His dual majors were in accounting and finances. He holds degrees as a Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant.





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