Richard Mishaan is The Crème De La Crème in the Interior Design Industry

It is difficult to talk about iconic and excellent interior design firms and not mention Richard Mishaan Design. Richard Mishaan Design was established in 1991 by Richard Mishaan himself, who is still the current owner. It is located at 45 Hudson St, New York. In a span of over 25 years, the company has been involved in the creation of very creative and timeless interior décor for its clients.


The company’s services have been offered to clients in different industries such as in residential properties, hospitality industry, and commercial properties. Richard Mishaan Design has been very successful and a key player in the 25 years it has been in the interior décor industry. Due to this success, Richard Mishaan Design has repeatedly been listed on the AD 100 and the Elle Décor A-List.


The company has notable clients all over the world. It has worked on very many top-notch and incredibly innovative projects around the globe in the three industries afore mentioned. Richard Mishaan Design also has a decent number of celebrity clients who have engaged the company services. Apart from just creating the designs, the company also undertakes the branding and marketing of these properties. Richard Mishaan has also managed to successfully obtain partnerships in about five licensing classifications.


Richard Mishaan


Apart from being just an interior designer, Richard Mishaan is an author of two design books; ‘Modern Luxury’ and ‘Artfully Modern’. The books have both been written by the Monacelli Press. The best design project that Richard Mishaan has worked on has to be the ‘Hamptons Summer Home’. The décor is excessively eye-catchy and splendid. He has a way of making everything stand out on its own without having to scream for attention and competing with the other pieces. Richard Mishaan evidently understands how to blend in colors. This is apparent in the living room where he has employed beige and gold =colors and pieces.


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