The Comprehensive Guide to Efficient Keyword SEO

Using keywords in an article for better SEO is a necessity but merely throwing in keywords at random is not the right way to achieve an effective SEO. There is a list of things to consider.

  1. How many words do I use?

First of all, you should always use the keyword in the title of the article. Secondly, it should also appear in the main headline so that it appears in the search snippet as well. The meat description of the material also needs to have the keyword in it not because it will boost rankings, but because a good description will attract the reader to click on your article. When it comes to page content, the keyword should be repeated at least three times. The images you include matter – include the keyword in the ALT text and the name of the file. An important thing to keep track on is keyword stuffing. If you repeat it too many times, it will not only lower the quality of your text, but it will also result in a significant drop in page rankings.

  1. Research your keyword

There are many tools online that will help you get started with keyword research. You need to be informed and know what keywords are relevant to your niche and the particular topic you’re writing on. To get as many results as possible use multiple tools and keep track of effect changes. You can even group the keyword results into categories for easy reference depending on the search intent such as business, information and so on.

  1. Variants and synonyms of the keyword help

Search engines are now able to understand the variations of keywords if the intent of the query is the same. That can be used in the page content and will be to your advantage.

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