The Benefits Of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is more than just a simple makeup company. They offer a full line of unique products that offer a ton of great features benefits. Below are just some of the many benefits of the Lime Crime Company.


They Are Cruelty Free


One of the best things about Lime Crime products is that they are cruelty free. They never test on animals. They are backed by Peta as well as Leaping Bunny


They Are Vegan Friendly


Another great thing to go along with being cruelty free is all Lime Crime products are also 100% vegan friendly. They are made with no animals or animal by products so they are safe for everyone to use and enjoy.


Large Range Of Colors


One of the most popular things about Lime Crime from the beginning is that they offer a large variety of fun expressive colors. They were one of the first companies to offer bold fun lipsticks in shades such as mint green, yellow and even black. They pretty much have a lip color for every want and need.


High Quality Ingredients


Because Lime Crime products are made with all high quality ingredients they are long lasting and offer rich bold pigmented colors.


Adorable Packaging


Not only is the Lime Crime packaging durable but it is also very cute and unique. They offer unique packaging designs that are fun and colorful.


New Innovative Products


Doe Deere who is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime is constantly working to come up with new and innovative products. Her mission is to offer beauty products that other top companies do not offer.


Easy To Find


Although Lime Crime products are only sold in a few select retail locations they are very easy to find online. People all over the world can purchase them on websites such as or


These are just a few of the key benefits to the Lime Crime Cosmetic Company. They offer a great line of makeup products at a very reasonable cost. Their great packaging and bold expressive colors make them a leader in the makeup industry.

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