Tempus Cancer Research

With 40% of adults in the U.S. facing a cancer diagnosis, which is expected to only increase, methods to combat this rise are more necessary now than ever before. Eric Lefkofsky, a co-founder of Groupon, Tempus is leading the charge in precision medicine. The intent is to analyze a patient’s clinical and molecular data, meaning genomic information gathered through human genome sequencing, which has become far more affordable than when it was initially discovered. Since cancer research is focused on fighting the disease at the molecular level, and human genes are the ultimate source of genetic information, such as individuals with a higher chance of contracting cancer due to genetic heritage. Combining clinical and molecular data will provide more knowledge of the human genome, providing the best possible diagnosis possible.

Lefkofsky highly praises data and artificial intelligence moving society forward, particularly in healthcare by taking advantage of databases of unmined molecular data. The idea is to build a personalized molecular map for every human, allowing to view how a patient deals with illness at an atomic level, analyzing the specific genes and engeneering a vaccine specifically designed specifically designed to destroy diseases at the atomic level based on the patient’s genetic code.

Interestingly, Lefkofsky graduated with a Juris Degree, but got swept up in the dot-com revolution, emerging as a power player and has since Lefkofsky has been aiding others in the fight against cancer, forming the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which donates in the millions to cancer research and treatment centers, including becoming a trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Lefkofsky’s passion for treating cancer is undeniable, prioritizing the welfare of patients’ above all else.

The applications of this technology are unfathomable, revolutionizing medicine that will hopefully benefit everyone, cancer patient or not. Lefkofsky may be leading the charge, but others are sure to follow and spread this invaluable knowledge to the world.


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