Rocketship Education Makes Great Strides in Elementary Education Improvement

Rocketship Education is a new school system that started in the Bay Area in 2007, and has since expanded to include Nashville, Milwaukee and Washington DC. There is a total of 18 schools in these regions. The key difference between Rocketship and traditional schools is that we personalize the learning experience.

In a traditional classroom, a teacher will discuss one topic at a time for 30 or more students. Many students in this setting are left out, because they do not comprehend the material. We involve everyone in the group learning process, so that all students are moving forward.

At Rocketship we target learning to individual and personal needs of our students. We use technology and other learning methods to align content and judge the success of the learning experience for all students. We offer small group learning, peer group projects, and learning labs to help our students make good strides in their efforts.

We not only educate our students, we help educate parents on how they can best inspire and motivate their children. Our goal is to fill the gap we see in the traditional education system in the U.S. We want more children to finish college and reach their career goals.

In Rocketship classes, we make sure that if children are having difficulty keeping up, that they get into smaller groups where they can get more direct attention, and understanding. We have programs that push for better performance in math and other critical subjects. Our programs follow each student from the introduction of a topic, through the skill development phase to the complete understanding of it. Students come to us one of two grade levels behind in math or other subjects. We help them catch up.

We offer a new way to learn and it has been a major success for most of our students. It allows us to see and meet the needs of those students who are having trouble. The school is expanding due to its success with elementary students currently enrolled.

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