Ricardo Tosto Provides Some Tips on Acing Ethics on the Brazilian Bar

The Bar Exam is a fact of life for aspiring lawyers in Brazil. The intimidating test is an ordeal for many, with bar passage rates going as low as 20-25% in some test administrations. While the odds may seem long, many highly regarded universities do have higher pass ratesĀ original source.

The exam is divided into two sections, a multiple-choice section consisting of 80 multiple-choice questions and an essay. Candidates who pass the first section can then sit for the essay section, which is given on a second day. The essay section focuses on a specific field of law which the candidate chooses in advance when registering for the exam.

Ethics is one of key areas tested on the multiple-choice test, and candidates who answer all the ethics questions correctly need only to get half of the questions right on the rest of the exam to ensure that they advance to the essay section.

Here are some tips for doing well on the Brazilian bar exam’s ethics questions.

  1. Be aware of regulations concerning advertising. Ads must be discrete and serious and many advertising techniques are against the rules.
  1. Mobile and Internet advertising are legal, but again tactics that amount to barratry are barred.
  1. Be aware of the minimum fees for services established by the national bar.
  1. It is now legal for lawyers to accept credit cards for legal fees here.

Ricardo Tosto is a graduate of McKenzie Presbyterian University in Sao Paulo, one of the city’s most prestigious law schools. Ricardo Tosto& Associates also has offices in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. In addition, Ricardo Tosto is highly regarded in the Brazilian legal profession as a civil litigator.

Ricardo Tosto’s firm has more than 300 team members, with 27 attorneys on staff. Chambers Global, an international guide to law firms recently named Ricardo Tosto & Associates as one of the top dispute resolution firms in the world.

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