Protect Your Investments with Agora Financial

Recently, Agora Financial posted a video about their business and services, entitled, “Welcome to AGORA Financial!” This animated, four-minute video started off by introducing an everyman character, Bob, a dentist who is interested in investing his extra earnings. Since Bob does not know very much about finances, he turns to Agora Financial for help.

Agora’s business model and practices are explained in detail

They are a private publishing company who has a long history of predicting investment trends before the mainstream media does. This way, their readers stay ahead of the competition. The video explained how Agora predicted the rise of gold in 1999 and the on-coming mortgage crisis in 2004 before it occurred four years later.

It was shown how Agora has over twenty publications to offer, all written by top of the line experts. The video went on to show in entertaining detail how Agora spends over $1,000,000 every year in independent travel and research costs. This is so they can bring their readers new investment opportunities before they are reported by the mainstream media, and while they are still prime for the profit. They never accept money from lobbyists to promote specific investments, to guarantee that everything in their publications is genuine and unique and more

Agora is based out of Baltimore, Maryland

Their free and paid publications can be found in print or online. They also offer ebooks and, films, and conferences from time to time. They were founded in 1979 and have been in the industry for investment over 25 years. Agora has a solid and trustworthy reputation when it comes to protecting their customer’s investments. They have also received many awards over the years.

If financial matters are not your area of expertise, Agora is there to help you. The professionals at Agora financial stay ahead of the times so you can be informed. Whether it’s new trading trends or another national financial crisis, Agora will be the first to know so you can stay in the loop.


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