Omar Boraie – Supporting The Research And Development In Genome Science Through Generous Donations

Rutgers Cancer Institute, one the world’s most advanced institutes in the field of precision medicine, genome science and cancer research, recently created a chair to support Genome Science and development of precision medicine. The chair was dedicated to Omar Boraie, who has made legendary contributions in the field of real estate development in the highly developing New Brunswick.

As a serial entrepreneur, Omar Boraie is substantially invested in many diverse sectors, with a primary focus on real estate development. According to,he creation of Omar Boraie chair is a part of the 18 Chair Challenge undertaken by the Rutgers University. An anonymous donor committed to making a donation of $1.5 Million for each seat, which brings the total contributions from each chair to $3 Million.

As the world of science and medical research continues to grow, many branches are created and worked upon by scientists from around the world. One of the latest fields of research that has caught the interest of scientists and doctors from around the world is genome science and precision medicine. This form of medicine helps in individualizing the treatment provided to each patient by studying the case of the patients on a genetic level.

The practice of gene sequencing is common in medical and healthcare facilities across the globe, but Rutgers Cancer Institute took it one step further to provide the combination of genomic sequencing and precision medicine to provide useful results to the patients and help them fight cancer. The positive results achieved through precision medicine were applauded by the former President Barack Obama in his State of the Union speech. In his speech, the Precision Medicine program was also launched by the former President to help advance the field of cancer research and provide better cancer therapies to millions of patients.

Omar Boraie has helped tremendously in the development of New Brunswick and pledging to donate to the chair to advance the scientific research of precision medicine, and genome science is just another of his philanthropic efforts for the welfare of the society. He firmly believes in giving back to the community and believes that the contribution by his family and other members constituting 18 chairs would go a long way in supporting the research and development to devise better cancer therapies and treatment. The news of Omar Boraie pledging $1.5 Million towards the Chair formed by the Rutgers University appeared on NewsWise, which is one of the leading internet publications.

Shridar Ganesan, M.D. and Ph.D. would be leading the research and development and was assigned the chair. He is a well-known Oncologist who has years of experience in the cancer research and treatment space. He worked with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute before joining Rutgers Cancer Institute.


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