Lime Crime: It’s the Perfect Time for Unicorn Hair

Are you a beauty fanatic? If so, it is more than likely that you have heard of the brand Lime Crime. This extraordinarily popular makeup line has a cult following. With an electric and daring aesthetic, Lime Crime tailors to all of its loyal unicorn fans.

One such product that has made the fans (which are referred to as unicorns because they are just as majestic and mystical as the makeup brand itself) is the new unicorn hair formula. With autumn right around the corner, now is a great time to consider recoloring your hair with this brand’s popular semi-permanent formula. As a matter of fact, this unicorn hair dye has been obsessed over in the world of social media, with knowledge spreading of its beautiful, unique and vibrant colors available. It’s become a great social media trend to take a selfie with one of these extremely eye-catching unicorn hair colors. These colors are perfect for customers who want to enjoy a lively and interesting new hair color for either experimentation or even for a holiday.

It took three years to develop this unicorn hair dye, but the ingenious product is finally here for all fans to enjoy. There have been eight new color additions to the unicorn hair dye collection. There is Kawaii (which is Japanese for “cute” in case you didn’t know) and the shade truly is cute. It is a gorgeous pastel violet that will fit right in with your plaid button-ups and torn jeans when it’s time to go back on campus. If purple is your favorite hair color of choice, then Moonchild is another excellent option, as it has lavender overtones.

The other colors available out of latest unicorn additions are Cloud, Mint Ice, Tweet, Valentine, Bubblegum Rose, and Aesthetic.

This popular cosmetic brand encourages their unicorn followers to set trends. By using products by Lime Crime, creative and glamorous self-expression is truly possible. Customers who wear makeup or hair color by this well-liked brand always give off the impression of someone magical from a beautiful fantasy world, just like a unicorn or a fairy.

If you haven’t yet, definitely check out the unicorn hair dye and use it for your new fall style!

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