Lime Crime Flirts With Scandal

If you are an active social media user, you have likely had the luxury of being introduced to Lime Crime Cosmetics. The bold and fierce cosmetic line made its debut in the fall of 2008, and has continues to wow make up loves ever since. Known for their unique variety of lip cremes and colors, the popular cosmetic line has just made a new addition to their Velvetine line. Scandal, a deep purple matte creme, is the latest addition to the sultry yet classic line is composed of the same long-lasting, vegan formula. Purple lip color has been a trend this season, giving wearers both edge and class. If you’re looking to turn a few more heads, pair your new Scandal lip color with bold lack liner-a tip from Lime Crime CEO herself.


As a lover of color and creativity, Lime Crime founder Doe Deer discovered her love for makeup at a young age. She recalls dressing up in the most colorful attire head to toe, never once being concerned about matching. Like most young girls, she began to develop an interest in makeup and cosmetics. As an avid youtube fan herself, Deer thought it would be a great platform to share her make up experience with girls around the world. She began posting makeup tutorials online, and quickly gained a large following. Frustrated with the lack of options that fit her unique style and motivated by new seemingly overnight success, the self-made makeup guru began thinking of a way to change the world of lip color.


In 2008 she launched Lime Crime Cosmetics with a mission to help her customers express themselves unapologetically. Introducing some of the most unique lip colors to the industry, Lime Crime quickly rose to fame. With their unique variety in bold, eye-catching colors, their unique lipstick line dares you to be different. No matter your style and no matter the occasion, Lime Crime is sure to have something for everyone. Pucker up and join the Unicorn movement!

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