Investment Advisory Company, Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a Tennessee-based, financial advisor company that has been around since 1987. The company which is SEC registered mainly deals with the management of fixed, domestic and international equity portfolios. Among the assets they manage include pooled vehicles accounts, banks, and high net worth individuals, insurance companies, and pension plans. They currently have over 15.4 billion assets under their management.


Highland Capital Management utilizes the team player strategy in addition to maintaining quality customer service. When these procedures are combined with an eager mind, it results to success in the highly competitive market. Additionally, they ensure that their portfolios are set in the right way such that they do not cause conflict with the customer interest.


Company Strategies


The company has managed to sail through the highly competitive market through the application of working strategies and work core values. For instance, the company utilizes the strategy of international market equity to measure the quantitative models for significant data that consequently affect the direct foreign investment opportunities.


As a way of providing quality customer service to clients, Highland Capital Management uses the 401(k) strategy. This plan enhances online access to accounts as well as through the phone at any time and from anywhere. The policy also provides education on risk management via eight models.


Each and every strategy applied by the company has the aim of enhancing quality service provision. Additionally, the policies help the company realize their set goals to help then in succeeding investment wise.


The Company Leadership


Highland Capital Management has strong management and no wonder the continuous growth throughout the years. The company is spearheaded by president and co-founder, James Dondero, who also plays the role of a portfolio manager and managing partner. Mark Okada, the company co-founder, and the chief investment officer is also a portfolio manager.

To assist the two co-founders is Frank George Waterhouse, who plays the role of chief finance officer. Harold Sigel Jr., who is the managing director of the institutional fundraising and client service, and Bradford Keith, who is a partner, senior trader and also plays the role of chief investment officer of retail products and is also a portfolio manager.

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