Igor Cornelsen Shares Business Tips

Brazil is the 23rd largest exporter in the world. The country exported more than $228 billion worth of goods in 2014. The top export was iron ore, followed by soybeans and crude petroleum. It is also an extremely large import country with its top imported item being refined petroleum followed by petroleum gas, vehicles and car parts. Most of the items exported from Brazil end up in China with other exports going to the United States, the Netherlands and Germany.Executive Igor Cornelsen says that people can easily create companies in Brazil if they follow some simple tips.


Tip 1 Networking is Mandatory

Investors wanting to enter Brazil need to network with others already doing business there. Over 25 percent of the population already participates as an entrepreneur in the economy. Brazilians tend to be very friendly, so spend some time in the country visiting with locals to see what they say.


Tip 2: Follow the Laws

Secondly, Igor says that it is important to follow complex laws. He says that the growing fragile economy has a lot of red tape, but smart investors will see huge dividends if they put in the hard work.


Tip 3 Understand the Complex Banking System

He also says that investors need to understand that the country does not have a set exchange rate. While most Brazilian commercial banks can help the investor navigate through the complexities, the Central Bank has the authority to change rates as it pleases.



While Igor Cornelsen spends most of his time golfing in South Florida now, he was once an important business banker in Brazil. He would love to visit with you if you have a great idea for a Brazilian company. He still maintains an active network of business and banking leaders in the country who he is more than happy to share with you. https://about.me/igorcornelsen1



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