Goettl Air Conditioning Expands Its Services to Meet Growing Demand

Goettl Air Conditioning has long been known for their excellent service and long-standing position as a leading provider of heating and air conditioning installation, service, maintenance and repair of all the major brands. Established in 1939, Goettl has had the opportunity of working with several generations of families and businesses in the Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson areas.

Goettl is noted for being the first company to provide evaporative cooling mechanisms and refrigerated air conditioning to the desert dwellers of the hot, Southwestern areas where temperatures can exceed 120 degrees in the summer. The winters are surprisingly cool which requires good heating systems during that time of the year.

Goettl is noted for its Goettl Maintenance plan which, for only $12 per month, discounts on service, installation, maintenance and repair, strong warranties on parts and service, and an annual checkup for their heating and air conditioning units.

Recently, Goettl has`merged with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air in the Las Vegas area to expand servicing capabilities, especially in the HVAC and outlying suburban areas. Goettl has done light HVAC in the past, but this puts them in the position of being able to capitalize more heavily in that area.

Kenneth Goodrich, the owner of Goettl plans to hire 100 new employees in 2017 to handle the projected need for servicing capabilities in the area. These people will be sent to school and trained for the positions at the College of Southern Nevada.

Goodrich is also noted for his charitable activity as he recently donated $1,000 worth of tools to the College of Southern Nevada, and gave free air conditioners to a local school which had been robbed and vandalized.

In a recent article in The Desert Foothills magazine, Goettl was recognized as the “Best HVAC Company in Arizona” for the year 2017.

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