George Soros Expounds on Capitalism and the Threat of Donald Trump

George Soros is probably one of the most divisive progressives in the world. Soros made his fortune while working at the Soros Hedge Fund, capitalizing on his investment skills and working in markets all across the globe. To members on the left of the political spectrum he represents the best of what can come of great fortune: he believes in social justice, true equality, government transparency, and artistic freedom. To members on the right of the political dividing line, he is the boogeyman incarnate. George Soros recently returned to mainstream politics and mainstream news when Donald Trump decided to get involved. The reason? Trump stands for everything that George Soros has spent his entire life combating against. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros leaped into the political arena in order to try and bring some semblance of balance between the right and left wing spending during the 2016 Presidential Election. On the right wing you have the always active billionaire Koch Brothers who never slow down in their political investments, thanks to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. On the left there are not nearly as many big money campaign contributors so the return of George Soros could lead to quite the difference making endeavor. Democrats have notoriously been outspent in elections and this dates back as far back as we can look.

When George Soros rejoined the political ring he made a splash in doing so. Soros put down nearly $25 million total in order to help invest in progressive politicians up and down the ticket, including Hillary Clinton. Soros’ own political adviser, Michael Vachon, said: “This year the political stakes are exceptionally high.” Vachon went on to explain that the stakes were already high before the brash and divisive Donald Trump decided to get involved. Soros became particularly involved with energy after Trump’s decision to join in, however, as he stands against everything that Soros has tried to stand for throughout his life. Read more on

George Soros knows the power of capitalism but he also understands how destructive it can be. Soros took time to detail his own thoughts on Capitalism in a wonderfully exploratory op-ed for The Atlantic. The crux of Soros’ belief system is built around the idea that the good of the people cannot be found in the sole hunt for personal satisfaction. This is a concept made popular by Karl Popper, a philosopher, and Henri Bergson, a writer. George Soros extends this concept to look into the totalitarian systems that he had first hand accounts with: the Nazi’s when they occupied his home country in 1944 and killed nearly 500,000 people. This has been a driving force behind Soros’ work with his philanthropic endeavor: the Open Society Foundation which has raised nearly $12 billion for foundations around the world.

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