Edward Honig the Man Who Takes Care of Hearts in New York

People are quite good about taking care of their general health. However, sometimes their heart gets forgotten even though it is the most important muscle in their bodies. If your general practitioner believes that there is a heart condition possibility, they will call a cardiologist. People who have heart problems in their family should get a check-up more often just to eliminate the potential of a heart attack or any other heart issues that could be genetic.

Cardiologists are specially trained to identify and diagnose heart issues from the smallest to the possibly lethal ones. They will look at your overall health and check your blood pressure, weight, lungs, how well your blood vessels are performing and how well your heart is performing. Your weight and blood pressure have a direct impact on how well your heart is functioning, so if you are carrying extra pounds, have a chat with your doctor about the state of your heart and your blood vessels.

They have the information and the tools to identify the symptoms of a heart attack or a heart failure. They can also provide the necessary treatment so that you can walk out of the hospital on your own two feet. Any procedures that involve your heart, such as heart surgery or balloon angioplasty are in their line of work.

Most cardiologists are trained through several years of medical school. First, they will study general medicine and then spend time specialising in internal medicine. After that, it’s at least three years of specialized training in cardiology alone. All in all, doctors never stop learning, so if you are thinking about becoming cardiologists and long years of schooling don’t frighten you, go ahead.

One of the specialists standing out in the field is Edward Honig who works in New York. People most often can find him at the Glen Cove Hospital. Edward Honig attended Duke University School of Medicine and is very passionate about the work he does. He looks at each patient individually and listens to their questions and concerns.

He is interested in new development within his field of work. New technology and advancement in treatment can save lives. Since the beginning of his career, Edward Honig educated colleagues and prompts them to examine their patients as carefully as possible. Blood pressure, the performance of blood vessels and even the performance of the lungs is necessary when working in cardiology.

He looks at diet as well, since that can have a substantial impact on his patients. Sometimes female patients avoid using male doctors, but he always says that if you need the best care, the name, age, race or sex of your attending physician doesn’t matter. If they can save your life, they will. Patients’ well-being is a priority where he is concerned.

Edward Honig is also a published author within his field. He believes that education is essential and medical journals are an excellent way to reach a wider audience. He always puts his patients first and believes that a good bedside manner is critical when trying to diagnose a heart issue.

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