Edward Honig Proves To Be a Force to Reckon In the New York City Cardiology Segment

People search for cardiologists for different reasons. Some have symptoms while others have active disease. Cardiologists work to treat heart diseases as well as preventing the diseases. When you choose a cardiologist, it is important to ensure that you don’t take the decision lightly. Follow the following tips to get a qualified physician who will handle your heart issues excellently.

Doctor’s Recommendations

You will always have hundreds of cardiologists to choose from. Mostly, before deciding to visit a cardiologist, your doctor will examine you and recommend a particular heart expert. Doctors have interacted with cardiologists and know who can best to the handle heart problem.


The location of the cardiologist office is located, or the hospitals where they have privileges are imperative. For a person with active heart issues, they will need to make several trips for checkups all year round. With thousands of cardiologists around New York, it is essential to choose the closest to your residence.


Cardiologists specialize in treating and preventing blood vessel and heart diseases. There are several qualifications that you can look for to ensure you get a good cardiologist. Firstly, ensure they have the acronym F.A.C.C following their names. This acronym stands for Fellow of the American College of cardiology. With this title, it means that the physician is an elected professional who has achieved excellence in the cardiology field. Secondly, ensure that they are certified by American Board of Internal Medicine.


The level of experience of a cardiologist is critical, especially when it comes to using technology or undertaking a certain procedure. Ensure that you ask a doctor how many times he/she has conducted heart or blood vessel related surgeries. Studies show that patients attended by cardiologists who have performed surgeries or implanted less than ten devices have a 60 percent chance of getting complications as compared to those who have delivered or implanted over 29. With that said, it is essential to get a cardiologist who has attended several clients.

Search for Online Reviews

Online reviews of doctors from previous patients are helpful. However, you should not use the reviews as the only determinant factor. Sometimes, the best cardiologists may get lesser reviews because of nonissues such as parking hassles and waiting times.

Insurance Coverage

Double check with your health insurer to make sure that you choose a cardiologist in your network of physicians. You don’t want to foot bills for medical services that can be paid by your insurance provider. Within New York City, you will be able to find several cardiologists who are within your network of physicians.

About Edward Honig

When you are in search of a knowledgeable cardiologist with New York City, you will be referred to Dr. Edward Honig of Glen Cove Hospital. Honig is a dedicated heart surgeon who has saved the lives of many. Dr. Edward, 90, has been in the cardiology segment for over 66 years.

Honig pursued a degree in medicine from the Duke University School of Medicine. He was licensed by the NYC state in 1952 and has since been practicing cardiology. Over the years he has included diet management, monitoring lungs, blood vessels and blood pressure as a way of preventing heart diseases.

Find out more about Edward Honig: https://patch.com/new-york/across-ny/dr-edward-honig-warns-carbs-could-be-doing-more-damage-your-heart-fats

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