Copa Star – The Hospital Of The Future

Copa Star is truly a hospital of a new age. It has quickly been setting new goals for other hospital institutions to achieve with its new cutting edge technology and advanced designs.

Usually, hospitals set a dreary mood for its patients with their bleak walls and less than the attractive smell. People are often turned off from going to hospitals because of that exact reason. Hospital Copa Star, however, makes sure to provide comfort in the waiting rooms as well as inspire certainty in people that they will receive the medical attention they need and desire.

The Hospital Copa Star sports the latest cardiological and neurological technological equipment are making it technologically superior to most other hospitals. The equipment is quite expensive on ScoopNest, but Copa Star aims to deliver and provide only the best of everything for their patients and employees.

Patient’s rooms have been transformed from the standard unpleasant hospital room to something worthy of a five-star hotel on Facebook. Comfortable couches, fresh green plants to brighten up the room and bring some extra life into it and plenty of sunlight that comes through the wide windows in each patient’s room. Each room is also completed with a coffee table and a cozy sitting area for patients and visitors to spend some time together and have a chat.

Hospital Copa Star does not only cater to the comfort and relaxation needs of their patients, but they also think about the world around them. Being friendly to the environment on, the hospital building is made of special materials. An air cavity has been created in the façade which helps regulate the air thus reducing the consumption of power throughout the entire building. In fact, Hospital Copa Star has significantly cut down on the power consumption while still maintaining elevators, heating and air conditioning, gadgets and medical technology, lighting, etc. It serves as an inspiration for medical institutions from all around the globe to take care of not only the people inside the hospitals but also the outside world.

Instead of using regular concrete, the five-floor building is built from Penetron-infused concrete. While the regular kind of concrete cracks under certain conditions and wears off because of water seeping through the cracks, the hospital building of Copa Star will be well protected for many years to come. Penetron chemicals offer a strong protection on Apontador. The project had accumulated to a cost of over $115 million.

While there are some very advanced hospitals out there, Copa Star certainly does not back down. It has set such a high expectation regarding performance and design that other institutions will have a long way to go before they are close to reaching the excellence that Copa Star has achieved.

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