Eric Pulier, Jack-of-all-trades


Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, published author, philanthropist, and technologist. By the time he was in fourth grade, Pulier was already programming computers. In 1984, he graduated high school and had founded an established database company. After his high school completion, Eric Pulier began his collegiate career at Harvard University and majored in English and American Literature. While attending Harvard, Eric was an editor and writer for the college newspaper, The Harvard Crimson. Upon his graduating in 1988 from Harvard, Eric earned magna cum laude honors and was known for his brilliance in literature, computer science, and visual & environmental studies. Go here to learn more.

After graduating from Harvard, Eric moved to Los Angeles and founded a variety of companies. Notably, in 1991 he founded People Doing Things, which focused on the use of technology in health care and education. Pulier is also noted for his interactive agency Digital Evolution as well as his social network Starbright World, which were both, founded in the mid 1990’s. Starbright World actively pursues the access for child patients to network with content to share their experiences with their diseases and disorders. Along with those ventures in the 1990’s, Pulier has founded or co-founded companies such as Media Platform, US Interactive, Desktone, SOA Software, and ServiceMesh. Those companies have all been financed by some of the most successful venture capital groups in the world. Along with his business ventures, Pulier is known for his close ties with former president and former vice president Bill Clinton and Al Gore and his assistance with the Clinton Global Initiative and Gore’s health and technology forums.

Along with his impressive resume of technology start-ups and initiatives with presidential committees, Pulier has been a donor to notable non-profit organizations. He is on the board of the X-Prize foundation, a foundation that awards competitors to solve challenges facing humanity and he works closely with The Painted Turtle, which is a camp for children with chronic illnesses. From success in technology, to charitable deeds in philanthropy, and an established foundation in publishing, Pulier is a jack-of-all-trades who is in pursuit of making a positive impact. see:

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