AXA Advisors & Mr. Vinny Parascandola

When it comes to verified insurance, management of investment or any other financial services, AXA, a multinational French syndicate, is one of the global leaders. What started of as a small insurance firm in 1816, later acquired another such firm to form the Mutuelles Unies. Showing remarkable progress, they went on to further acquire the Drouot Group in 1982. In 1985 they adopted the name AXA, which was later changed to AXA-UAP after buying the UAP insurance company, for a brief while before reverting back to the original name.

They currently have their headquarters in Paris. With their operating income over 8 billion Euros, they earn a profit of more than 5 billion Euros every financial year. Though they are a core group in France, they operate all over the world including the USA, Canada, Asia Pacific and Africa, being their main markets. Apart from their business, they believe in funding for global beneficial causes. The AXA research fund was set up in 2008, which has an endowment of more than 100 million Euros, supporting hundreds of researchers all over the world.

It has been the fortune of the company to have the likes of Vincent Parascandola as their Senior Executive Vice President. He heads the sales and management divisions, and is also responsible for recruiting and training up financial professionals. He started off his career as a normal agent way back in 1987. After being identified as the National Rookie of the Year, he joined MONY in 1990 before becoming a permanent part of the AXA in 2004.

He was appointed as the co-manager of the New York branch and had to handle more than 400 professionals initially. To the day he has numerous awards and distinctions to his name. Being a great orator, he is called upon by various companies and universities to share his experiences. Mr. Parascandola is indeed a great asset to the insurance firm.


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