Avaaz Activists In France Celebrate The Results Of French Presidential Election

Avaaz activists in France had reason to celebrate in France the day after the election that decided who would lead their country for the next 5 years. The activists took to the streets of Paris to mark a major victory against a far right candidate and her policies. Emmanual Macron won over 66% of the total vote in France’s presidential election. His won was celebrated by hundreds of people against the backdrop of the iconic Eiffel Tower who saw his win as a victory for human rights, tolerance and European unity.

The May 8th festivities of the huge win for Emmanuel Macron and his new political movement known as En Marche! coincided with VE day or Victory in Europe Day. This is a major commemorative day in European countries who celebrate May 8th as the official end of World War II on their continent. Just like the Allied Forces beat back Hitler and the Nazis, Avaaz activists view the win of Macron over Le Pen as a major win against an extremist party that many view as having similar views to the Nazis of the past.

One notable person who joined the Avaaz activists at the Eiffel Tower was a French survivor of the Holocaust named Elie Buzyn. He was 15 years old when he was separated from his parents and himself sent to a concentration camp. Buzyn recalls all to well what fascism and extremism can lead too.

Despite the major victory of the presidential election in France, Elie Buzyn remained cautiously optimistic. He addressed the crowd and told them to not forget about the legislative elections which would be held in June. Mr. Buzyn stated that extremist parties should not rise to power at the legislative or local level either. Joining Buzyn and Avaaz activists was a German who too felt the need to combat extremism and the far right in Germany and other nations in Europe. The German Avaaz supporter urged people in other countries to vote for more moderate and liberal policies in their home countries.

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