Capitol Anesthesiology Dedicated to Helping Patients

One of the leading associations in the medical field is Capitol Anesthesiology. For over 40 years, the American Board of Anesthesiology certified association has been providing premium medical care for all their patients. With over 200 physicians and nurses make up the association, they dedicate their time to helping the medical community.

Currently, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association offers services to over 20 medical facilities in Austin, Texas and nearby areas. When a patient goes in for surgery, Capitol Anesthesiology provides safe anesthesia care to help ease the patient’s qualms.

Capitol Anesthesiology specializes in various areas of anesthesia including: general, regional, local/MAC, cardiovascular, pediatric, and obstetric. With different areas of anesthesia, the associate provides the right equipment and medicine for the procedure.

Aside from providing anesthesia care, Capitol Anesthesiology also helps patients with any medical follow-up questions along with any issues with insurance payments. With such dedication to helping patients during and after surgery, Capitol Anesthesiology has become one of the best medical associations in the Austin, Texas area.

A Look At Why Sujit Choudhry Founded The Center For Constitutional Transitions

Sujit Choudhry has been a professor of the law for a few universities, including the University of California, Berkley – School of Law. He has held the I. Michael Heyman Professor Of Law chair since 2014. He has also served as a professor of law at both the University of Toronto, where he held the Scholl Chair, as New York University where he was the Cecelia Goetz Professor of law. His international reputation as an authority on constitutional comparative law precedes him. He is also a sought out speaker on the subject and has spoken at conferences around the world in over 24 countries.

According to,  Professor Choudhry has served as an adviser on constitution building for a number of countries that had been torn apart by war including Ukraine, Libya, Jordan, Nepal, and other countries. Sujit Choudhry has also written over ninety reports, working papers, articles, and book chapters. The five books he has written about comparative constitutional law have been used in university classrooms across the nation.  For further reading, visit

In 2012, Sujit Choudhry founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions, to read more about this, access While serving as the Founding Director he has led the center’s mission to teach constitution building through the use of an international network of scholars and practitioners. He has said that he came up with the idea of the center because he finds some knowledge of constitution building to be lacking. Due to this, the advice that is given to policy makers who are developing a constitution is not complete. He aims to change this situation with his center.

Sujit Choudhry has pointed out that, since 1978, 185 new constitutions have been written in nations around the world. There is also always ongoing constitution amending and rewriting going on in a number of countries at any time. Due to this, his field is not only very active but he personally is kept very active as well.  Have a peek on this interesting article.

Another thing that excites Professor Choudhry is the power of the internet to bring information to people. He has said that as constitutions belong to everyone he thinks it’s wonderful that people can easily use the internet to find out information about their constitution and preserve it.  More of Choudhry on

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Classdojo – Changing the Way the School Community Communicates with the parents and Students

Classdojo in a recent Series B round of funding raised $21 million that will allow them to fund their creative technology that will provide a platform for teachers and parents to communicate. This communication platform will help the teachers, parents and the students to communicate easily and more frequently. The parents will be able to keep a tab on the development of their child helping create a positive culture with classrooms and schools. The technology will help in efficient communication so that the parents are always aware of the academics as well as the behavioral development of the child throughout the year and not just at the end of the school year. Refer to for additional reading.

The series B round of funding was completed in the year 2015, and the co-founders of the company, Liam Don, and Sam Chaudhary would use the money raised for research and find out the different features that will benefit the parents when they use the app from home, follow them at their page. The main aim of building such as app is to guide the connection between Teachers, parents, students and to empower parents and teachers to communicate on a daily basis about the progress of their child. The founders said that they had the idea about such a community app back in 2011. They want to add many more ground up changes to the app so that they can bring a positive and refreshing way for parents and teachers to communicate. Some additional features they are looking to include are to allow the parents to pay for lunches, field trips and also supplies through the app and having a record of it with them on their phones.

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ClassDojo is an IT company with its headquarter in San Francisco, California. Built in 2011, the app is being used in more than 2 in 3 schools in the United States and over 180 countries around the world. The app allows parents, teachers and the students to share their school activities through messages, photographs or videos among them and in real time. The ClassDojo app is user-friendly, and efforts are being made to make it more efficient by adding newer features after research and meetings with teachers, students, and the parents. Using the fresh round of funding, the company aims to reach more countries and more number of schools so that they too can make use of this technology to build a stronger community that is based on the all round development of their children.

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How Dr. Avi Weisfogel is Helping People with Sleep Disorders Across the Nation

Dr. Avi Weisfogel operated his own dental practice for several years, founding Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. He started his dental practice after graduating from college. Dr. Avi Weisfogel attended Rutgers University, earning degrees in both biology and psychology. He earned his dental degree at the New York University College of Dentistry.

Early in his dental career, he noted that a number of his patients suffered from sleep disorders. He was particularly concerned about the sleep apnea that some of them had. Sleep apnea is an extremely serious condition in which people stop breathing at night, sometimes hundreds of times and for long periods of time. This can lead to all sorts of diseases and medical issues including diabetes, brain disorders, strokes, high blood pressure and cancer. It can also lead to workplace and car accidents as people are feeling extremely tired all day. The more he investigated sleep disorders, the more Dr. Avi Weisfogel wanted to provide dental solutions that would treat their conditions and more information click here.

In 2010, he decided to leave dentistry and become involved in sleep disorder research and solutions full time. He’s actually said that being a dentist was the worst job he ever had. He didn’t have a passion for it, but he has said that it did lead to his passion about sleep disorders so he’s happy to have worked in the field. The first company he started was Healthy Heart Sleep, which established sleep labs inside of physicians offices. Unfortunately, he had entered the market too long after competitors had taken the field over. Not to be deterred, Dr. Weisfogel persevered with other business ideas.

Dr. Weisfogel launched Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012. He traveled around the United States giving them advice on how they could help their patients with sleep disorders by prescribing them with oral appliances. He also informed them of how they could increase their business through addressing sleep problems.

In 2014, Dr. Weisfogel launched Dental Sleep Masters. This company is also dedicated to communicating with dentists how they can treat sleep disorders and what the latest medical devices are available for them and contact him.

USHEALTH Group: A Group of Professionals

Of all insurance companies in America, there is only one that is on par with the services offered by USHEALTH Group. In fact, no other insurance company comes close to the services offered by USHEALTH Group. For over fifty consecutive years, US Health Group has completely redefined what it means to be a health insurance company. The Fort Worth-based company has set its sights on improving the lives of millions. To be exact, they have provided insurance to over 15 million people. In conjunction with their subsidiaries, US Health Group believes in providing sustained coverage to their clients of the highest regard. To name a few of their services, the company offers innovative life services, disease/sickness, insurance for small business owners, and so forth.

One thing USHEALTH Group knows and understands clearly is variety. They know there are people who need insurance for different reasons. Not only is it beneficial to their clients, it is also beneficial to the company. It benefits the company because it allows them to reach a broader demographic of people. Their assortment of products allows them the opportunity to attract people who were initially not into purchasing insurance. In addition to offering variety, USHEALTH Group sells products at an affordable rate. What separates this company from the rest, is their first dollar benefit plan. Their first dollar benefit plan is intended to address the concerns of clients who are fixed income or who have a fear of paying high deductibles.

Also, USHEALTH Group boasts some of the most reliable advisors in the industry. USHEALTH Group is a company that honors professionalism an takes the needs of their clients seriously. Not only do their advisors possess the “know how” they are also licensed. They are dependable and can be trusted. For that reason, they are recognized around the globe for their efforts. As a result of such high standards, USHEALTH Group has numerous awards and accolades under their belt. In 2013, they were placed in the top U.S. Call Centers due to their exceptional customer service. Also, they are in good standing with the BBB.

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Eric Lefkofsky and the Technology to Fight Cancer

Nothing could prepare Eric Lefkofsky for his wife Liz’s breast cancer diagnosis.

Stunned with the news, the Lefkofskys needed to know more–they scoured every resource they could but found no certainties. Tempus emerged from the ashes of this uncertainty.

Tempus is a technology company, co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, that has built a unique operating system–one that collects data about cancer from various medical sources, and puts the data back together in a way that helps doctors better understand it. By combining information from past cancer patients–results, genetic make-ups, and the drugs taken–doctors can make more informed decisions about future ones. Click Here for more about Lefkofsky.

Philanthropy is an important part of the Lefkofskys’ legacy. Together, Lefkofsky and his wife chair the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which supports causes such as arts and culture, education, human rights and medical research, mostly in their local Chicago.

Lefkofsky, who started out selling carpets at the University of Michigan, had his first huge business success with the promotional internet company Starbelly, co-founded with Bradley Keywell. After selling Starbelly for $240, he eventually went on to create Groupon. Instead of resting on the prestige of Groupon, once Liz was diagnosed Eric Lefkofsky threw himself into research about health care.

Kevin White, president of Tempus and a geneticist, approaches the business from the other side of Lefkofsky but insists that they have the same goal: to improve cancer treatments by using the technology available.

Health centers and hospitals to collaborate with Tempus to date include the University of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center, Northwestern University’s Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Rush University Medical Center.

Though hopeful, Lefkofsky understands the process will take a long time. Finally, he has found a business that combines the major parts of his life–family, business, and philanthropy–which makes Tempus incredibly personal to him. Lefkofsky hopes that his informative technology will help cut the mortality rate for those with cancer. for more .

How Will A School Change Their Community With ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is a lovely web platform that was created to ensure everyone in the community may have a direct line to the school, and there are quite a few people who wish to speak to a teacher they cannot see in-person. The ground-up change that is provided by ClassDojo brings all parents into the educational process, and the process must offer something to everyone involved. Involving the community in schooling will help kids perform well, and the school will become a place where everyone feels as though they have safety.  Check also

#1: Children Feel Safe With Cooperating Teachers And Parents

The community of the school grows when everyone is talking, and their talks are quite a lot of fun because parents and teachers get to know each other well because of the conferences they have on ClassDojo. Conferences may be formal, or they may be quite informal. Each person who is on a video call with ClassDojo will find it much easier to make a change in a child’s education. Children will be given a number of tips to improve, and they will see the adults around them getting along.

#2: Community Cannot Stay In The Building All Day

There are quite a few communities that cannot have parents in the building all day. Parents wish to meet with teachers, but they must have a different form of community to lean on. Video calls from ClassDojo will offer the same results as a traditional conference, and they will be far simpler for everyone to attend. Attending requires nothing more than an Internet connection, and the conferences may be taken from any part of the world.

#3: Parents May Stay In The Community

Parents often feel as though they are missing out because they are out of town for all the major events of the community. The community itself will improve simply because the parents are involved, and it will normalize any parents who are simply not able to be in the building all that often. The video calls are quite personal, and they allow for a number of conversations about each child.  Related articles here.

The schools that are using ClassDojo are joining two out of three schools that are using the same program. The program is bringing parents who are not able to be there, and it allows for a number of conference options for each person who has a child in attendance.  More about the App on their page

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Goettl Air Conditioning Expands Its Services to Meet Growing Demand

Goettl Air Conditioning has long been known for their excellent service and long-standing position as a leading provider of heating and air conditioning installation, service, maintenance and repair of all the major brands. Established in 1939, Goettl has had the opportunity of working with several generations of families and businesses in the Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson areas.

Goettl is noted for being the first company to provide evaporative cooling mechanisms and refrigerated air conditioning to the desert dwellers of the hot, Southwestern areas where temperatures can exceed 120 degrees in the summer. The winters are surprisingly cool which requires good heating systems during that time of the year.

Goettl is noted for its Goettl Maintenance plan which, for only $12 per month, discounts on service, installation, maintenance and repair, strong warranties on parts and service, and an annual checkup for their heating and air conditioning units.

Recently, Goettl has`merged with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air in the Las Vegas area to expand servicing capabilities, especially in the HVAC and outlying suburban areas. Goettl has done light HVAC in the past, but this puts them in the position of being able to capitalize more heavily in that area.

Kenneth Goodrich, the owner of Goettl plans to hire 100 new employees in 2017 to handle the projected need for servicing capabilities in the area. These people will be sent to school and trained for the positions at the College of Southern Nevada.

Goodrich is also noted for his charitable activity as he recently donated $1,000 worth of tools to the College of Southern Nevada, and gave free air conditioners to a local school which had been robbed and vandalized.

In a recent article in The Desert Foothills magazine, Goettl was recognized as the “Best HVAC Company in Arizona” for the year 2017.

Igor Cornelsen Shares Business Tips

Brazil is the 23rd largest exporter in the world. The country exported more than $228 billion worth of goods in 2014. The top export was iron ore, followed by soybeans and crude petroleum. It is also an extremely large import country with its top imported item being refined petroleum followed by petroleum gas, vehicles and car parts. Most of the items exported from Brazil end up in China with other exports going to the United States, the Netherlands and Germany.Executive Igor Cornelsen says that people can easily create companies in Brazil if they follow some simple tips.


Tip 1 Networking is Mandatory

Investors wanting to enter Brazil need to network with others already doing business there. Over 25 percent of the population already participates as an entrepreneur in the economy. Brazilians tend to be very friendly, so spend some time in the country visiting with locals to see what they say.


Tip 2: Follow the Laws

Secondly, Igor says that it is important to follow complex laws. He says that the growing fragile economy has a lot of red tape, but smart investors will see huge dividends if they put in the hard work.


Tip 3 Understand the Complex Banking System

He also says that investors need to understand that the country does not have a set exchange rate. While most Brazilian commercial banks can help the investor navigate through the complexities, the Central Bank has the authority to change rates as it pleases.



While Igor Cornelsen spends most of his time golfing in South Florida now, he was once an important business banker in Brazil. He would love to visit with you if you have a great idea for a Brazilian company. He still maintains an active network of business and banking leaders in the country who he is more than happy to share with you.



Scandal Velvetine Lipstick From Lime Crime

Lime Crime the very creative makeup brand has once again released a one of a kind color to their matte velvetine collection. Scandal is a gorgeous deep rich purple color. It was developed by the Lime Crime CEO herself Doe Deere. It is the perfect shade for the fall and winter months. Just like all of the other matte velvetine lipsticks it offers a smooth and creamy application with a soft and velvet finish. They are meant to last all day and will never need reapplying.


The newest velvetine lip color is cruelty-free as well as vegan friendly just like all of the other Lime Crime products. It is made with natural and moisturizing ingredients. The Scandal velvetine lipstick can be used alone or blended with another color for an even edgier effect. It can even be added with a lighter color for a gorgeous ombre effect.


The velvetines are very easy to apply. Simply apply a light lip balm 10 to 15 minutes before application. Allow the lip balm to moisturize and hydrate the lips. Once you are ready to apply a velvetine lipstick lightly remove the lip balm. This will help The velvetine lipstick to remain smooth and supple on your lips. The velvetine lipsticks are smudge proof as well as kiss proof. They can be removed with waterproof makeup remover or even oils.


Most Lime Crime products are widely available online. The new Scandal Lime Crime velvetine lipstick is available at They also have a variety of other colors to choose from including shades of red, pink and neutral. For more information on the new velvetine shade in Scandal as well as more information on the different products that Lime Crime has to offer visit and see why they are one of the most unique cosmetic companies in the makeup industry.