Interview With the Folks from Anastasia Date

A RECAP WITH ANASTASIA DATE Recently there was an interview done with Anastasia about the site Here is a brief recap about the discussion. HOW WAS THE COMPANY STARTED It was started by a young Russian woman, named Anastasia. This woman migrated to America in 1933 and married an American boy. The company originated […]

The Silence Around Hearing Loss

Before headphones and earbuds, music lovers would have to share their love of music with the rest of the world. There was a huge market for flashy radios and boom boxes. It was almost customary for every house to have one. In the last few decades, the need for these bulky radios has gone obsolete. […]

Rarely Published Nikola Tesla Interview from Over 100 Years Ago

Unfortunately, Nikola Tesla was written out of the history books even though his name should be synonymous with the greatest mind in the history of man. However, there has been a lot of interest in the life and work of Tesla in recent years due to an increase in awareness about his inventions what would […]

Gyrocopter Pilot Jusitifies His Actions in WaPo Op-Ed

Doug Hughes may soon be going to federal prison. This is because he flew a gyrocopter onto the White House lawn and made a dash for the White House to deliver his far left-wing list of grievances to President Obama. The liberal has been charged with multiple offenses in connection with the incident. He also […]

Crooks Use Signal Boosters to Hack Vehicle Key Fobs

Key fobs make it extremely easy to lock and unlock modern vehicles. The only problem is that crooks have figured out a way to hack key fobs in order to gain access to vehicles without the owner’s permission. Hackers have figured out a way to use signal boosters to gain entry to vehicles. The signal […]

Fear the Machine

Artificial Intelligence. For science fiction lovers hearing the term artificial intelligence, or AI, brings excitement. Perhaps they think about their favorite robot movie or a far off into the future dystopian movie. Many people believe that the world being introduced to artificial intelligence isn’t too far into our future. Many people also believe that thistype […]

FAA Approves Drone for Crop Dusting.

Drones seem to be everywhere today. One family even claimed they were being “stalked” by a drone that looked inside their high-rise apartment on a daily basis. It would seem though that drones may have a useful application. Friday the Federal Aviation Administration approved a large drone carrying a large payload of fertilizer and pesticide […]

Apple Watch and Tattoos Not a Match Made in Heaven

The Apple Watch recently became the latest entry into the world of smart watches. However, unlike other smart watches that have been out for a while, this device really does not like your tattoo. In fact, it may not work properly if you have tattoos on your wrist and where the interior of the watch […]