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The Importance of Personalized Merchandizing and Speed as Told by Sentient AI

The company of Sentient AI provides useful resources and information on all things sentient as well as other resources related to online businesses. In the latest article of theirs, the company talks about personalized merchandising and the changes it has brought to e-commerce both for clients and retailers.


Personalized merchandising is showing the right products to the right people and at the right time. It is all about creating an experience catering t the preferences to the individual who is the potential buyer. That creates a much higher possibility that the person will purchase something and they will also have an easier time navigating the store. Ease of use is a vital factor for a high conversion rate.


Tactics such as personalized merchandizing are complex to create but on the other end f the spectrum where the shopper is, such kind of merchandising is a very subtle experience. It is a flow of products which will most likely have the shopper spend a lot of extra time on the e-commerce site viewing the many products they like.


Time is money in terms of personalized merchandising as well. The twist here is that the more time the shopper spends on the website, the more money they are likely to spend. That is what makes personalized merchandizing so attractive to retailers and why most e-commerce sites are using this tactic.


Previously, e-commerce sites would trust pop-up ads for random products and the user would have to close them (if they find out how) before continuing with what they were doing. That is a more aggressive way of doing things and it rarely achieved success but it did put users off the site for good. These days search engines have started reducing search appearance rates for pages with pop-up ads.


Another incredibly important factor of for conversion rate is speed. Modern shoppers know how to search for products and they have no problem bouncing from one site to another as there are so many e-commerce sites to choose from. If the site is not fast enough they will pass on. That is why a speed-optimized e-commerce website is necessary.


According to studies, the average attention span for American shoppers in eight seconds and most of the time that is all you got to grab their attention for longer. As the market grows and the consumers are growing more spoiled with the vast choice they have, attention span decreases and so does the tolerance for slow websites.

Tony Petrello’s Giving Heart

Tony Petrello has contributed a lot of his own personal money in investments for the production and research of children hospitals. This generous giving is inspired by his daughter that suffers from an unfortunate neurological condition in the brain that occurs among premature child births from lack of blood flow to the brain. Tony has devoted his life and funds to improving the development of innovation of neurological research. The figures range from six to even seven figures in his drive to provide the medical field with the needed equipment and resources to continue research. The amount of donations given to the medical field is not in vain as it goes to hopefully produce a successful treatment and cure for children who are currently born today with neurological disorders. This speaks volumes on what kind of giving person Tony Petrello is. He cherishes every moment of everyday he has with his daughter. Tony hopes that the money invested and the Research at the Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital will pave a way for Neurological research.

Tony Petrello is a very intelligent man who graduated from Yale University with a bachelors degree of Science in Mathematics. He did not stop here as he continued his education an earned a Masters in the same field and also graduated Harvard Law School. He is the CEO of the largest drilling contractor in the world, Nabors Industries. Holding this title and also managing to donate and provide for his family produces a positive image and character for Tony. His good deeds do not go unseen as he has gained supporters from other companies and friends in his ultimate pursuit to provide the children’s hospital with necessary equipment and research.

Tony Petrello didn’t come into the company as CEO immediately as he entered the company as only elected member of the companies board and Directors Executive Committee. Tony had to earn his way to the top position as he later became Deputy Chairmen and then chairmen of the board. Throughout Tony’s career and life he has devoted himself to his daughter and making sure that she can grow up to be anything that she desired to be. He still ensures that his activities and production revolves around his daughter as he looks to cherish every moment of the gift of life.

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The Iconic Role Played by Drew Madden in The Healthcare IT Sector

Drew Madden is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated figures in the realm of Healthcare; not because he is a seasoned medical practitioner but because he is an outstanding Healthcare IT expert and entrepreneur. His remarkable track-record has been exhibited throughout his career as he has always engaged in establishing exceptional teams, exquisite corporation cultures, and maintaining healthy partnerships with clients.

Drew Madden has an inexplicable passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and has always envisaged solving any mishaps that may arise in or compromise any EMR project. To achieve this goal, Drew Madden has collaborated with the finest practitioners in the IT industry.

His prolificacy can be attributed to his impressive educational background and experience. Drew Madden holds a BSE in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Medical Systems from the Iowa Collage of Engineering. He also has a considerably long experience that spans over a decade. He kicked off his Healthcare IT career in 2001 as an employee of the Cerner Corporation, and later in 2005, he worked for Ingenix as an Epic consultant.

In 2010, he was employed by Nordic Consulting Partners and thereafter became the corporation’s president. During his era as the president, Nordic Consulting Partners became one of America’s largest Epic Consulting Companies. This was replicated in the number of prestigious accolades that the company received between 2012 and 2014. An example of these accolades is being ranked the first position in epic implementation of services and the KLAS Awards for Consulting Excellence.

The numerous awards that Nordic Consulting Partners achieved under his reign were a tip of the iceberg. Drew Madden caused tremendous growth and development for the company; this was proved by the increased number of employees and client partners as well as the rise in the annual revenue. The corporation had the number of staff increase from 10 to over 700 while that of client partners increased 50 times. The annual revenue increased by over 30 million dollars.

Drew Madden has always used his exceptional talent to develop several aspects of the Healthcare IT sector, especially the Electronic Medical Records. His distinguishable blend of IT expertise with a vast experience in project management and consultation operations gives him an edge over his peers in the industry.

Protect Your Investments with Agora Financial

Recently, Agora Financial posted a video about their business and services, entitled, “Welcome to AGORA Financial!” This animated, four-minute video started off by introducing an everyman character, Bob, a dentist who is interested in investing his extra earnings. Since Bob does not know very much about finances, he turns to Agora Financial for help.

Agora’s business model and practices are explained in detail

They are a private publishing company who has a long history of predicting investment trends before the mainstream media does. This way, their readers stay ahead of the competition. The video explained how Agora predicted the rise of gold in 1999 and the on-coming mortgage crisis in 2004 before it occurred four years later.

It was shown how Agora has over twenty publications to offer, all written by top of the line experts. The video went on to show in entertaining detail how Agora spends over $1,000,000 every year in independent travel and research costs. This is so they can bring their readers new investment opportunities before they are reported by the mainstream media, and while they are still prime for the profit. They never accept money from lobbyists to promote specific investments, to guarantee that everything in their publications is genuine and unique and more

Agora is based out of Baltimore, Maryland

Their free and paid publications can be found in print or online. They also offer ebooks and, films, and conferences from time to time. They were founded in 1979 and have been in the industry for investment over 25 years. Agora has a solid and trustworthy reputation when it comes to protecting their customer’s investments. They have also received many awards over the years.

If financial matters are not your area of expertise, Agora is there to help you. The professionals at Agora financial stay ahead of the times so you can be informed. Whether it’s new trading trends or another national financial crisis, Agora will be the first to know so you can stay in the loop.


White Shark Media: The Lifetime AdWords Partner for Upcoming Companies in America

Established seven years ago, White Shark Media is one of the top digital and mobile marketing companies in the United States. The company offers, among other services, landing page optimization, web development, conversion optimization, and pay per click management services. Its clientele comprises of small and medium sized companies that seek to establish themselves nationally. White Shark Media has its head offices located in Miami, Florida.

About White Shark Media Services

Tony Soares is the director of SEO and web at White Shark Media. Thanks to his leadership, the company has improved and diversified its services. The company offers free AdWord evaluation and cheap website development services. It then goes a step ahead and sorts all SEO needs for its client at a low fee to ensure that they get a breakthrough in the industries in which they operate.

Under the management of the CMO Mr. Andrew Lolk, White Shark Media has extended its client base to over 600 SMEs. Among these companies is the iMarine Inc., Platinum Pro Painters Canada, and A Star Movers Texas. In order to best serve its vast clientele, the company has employed more than 140 employees- part of this human resource is deployed as representatives for particular clients and handles all needs that come from the clients that they represent.

White Shark Media’s revenue ranged between $3 million and $5 million. CEO Gary Garth has put in measures to ensure that the company remains highly competitive. Some of the measures include creating a team that not only helps clients with their problems but also owns up those problems. This has endeared the company to its customers and has helped it to have a higher customer retention rate compared to its competitors.


The success of several small and medium businesses in the United States is anchored on White Shark Media. Judging from the testimonials that they send to the company’s management, the clients see White Shark Media as their big brother in business.

Aaron V, an e-commerce store owner in Lowa, wrote a testimonial to testify of how White Shark Media had been consistent in clearing the success path for his company. Another client Mr. Todd from Canada vows never to seek marketing services from any other company but White Shark Media. Max, an entrepreneur who deals with software development in Minnesota, describes White Shark Media as the AdWords partner he always wanted.

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Tempus Cancer Research

With 40% of adults in the U.S. facing a cancer diagnosis, which is expected to only increase, methods to combat this rise are more necessary now than ever before. Eric Lefkofsky, a co-founder of Groupon, Tempus is leading the charge in precision medicine. The intent is to analyze a patient’s clinical and molecular data, meaning genomic information gathered through human genome sequencing, which has become far more affordable than when it was initially discovered. Since cancer research is focused on fighting the disease at the molecular level, and human genes are the ultimate source of genetic information, such as individuals with a higher chance of contracting cancer due to genetic heritage. Combining clinical and molecular data will provide more knowledge of the human genome, providing the best possible diagnosis possible.

Lefkofsky highly praises data and artificial intelligence moving society forward, particularly in healthcare by taking advantage of databases of unmined molecular data. The idea is to build a personalized molecular map for every human, allowing to view how a patient deals with illness at an atomic level, analyzing the specific genes and engeneering a vaccine specifically designed specifically designed to destroy diseases at the atomic level based on the patient’s genetic code.

Interestingly, Lefkofsky graduated with a Juris Degree, but got swept up in the dot-com revolution, emerging as a power player and has since Lefkofsky has been aiding others in the fight against cancer, forming the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which donates in the millions to cancer research and treatment centers, including becoming a trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Lefkofsky’s passion for treating cancer is undeniable, prioritizing the welfare of patients’ above all else.

The applications of this technology are unfathomable, revolutionizing medicine that will hopefully benefit everyone, cancer patient or not. Lefkofsky may be leading the charge, but others are sure to follow and spread this invaluable knowledge to the world.


The Michel Terpins Team Is Performing Exceedingly Well In The Bull Sertoes Rally

Michel Terpins is from Sao Paulo Brazil and has teamed with Maykel Justo for the Bull Sertoes Rally. This is the rally’s 25th edition and started last weekend in Goiania. Michel Terpins is the well-known driver of the T-Rex and his team has succeeded in the last four stages by winning two. They are the leader in the T1 prototype category and are holding their advantage of a two-hour lead over the team in second place. Much of the rally remains to be seen.

The 4th stage took place on Wednesday during a 471.34 km run from Aruana to Barra do Garcas. The team came in with a time of 2 hours, 7 minutes, and 24 seconds placing them in sixth place for the Prototypes. The current leader of the rally is Michel Terpins and he has come a long way since he first entered the rally in 2002 in the category of motorcycles. He established himself as a driver in the cars when he sailed for Rodrigo Terpins as his brother. During the last four years the crowds have cheered him as the driver of T-Rex. This is the second consecutive year Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo have formed a team in the rally.

The Rally Special begins on Thursday with 438.86 km. The fifth stage covers the ground between Barra do Garcas all the way to Coxim with 666 km. This portion of the rally includes trials such as picarra and stones. The race is in the Midwest for the 2017 edition with the arrival in Bonito on the 26th. The Terpin brothers have demonstrated the passion they each possess for speed and have seen four races aboard the T-Rex. Michel Terpins is currently age 40 and has participated in the Sertoes Rally nine times. Rodrigo Terpins is age 44 with five participations to his name.

The Sertoes Rally is incredibly well-known and both the rally and the brothers all have their own individual websites. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team has numerous sponsors whose sponsorship is 100 percent. This includes Eventos, the MEM support team, Xarla, Motul, Bull Sertoes, Ohlins, and Terpins & Cintra Advogados.

Edward Honig Proves To Be a Force to Reckon In the New York City Cardiology Segment

People search for cardiologists for different reasons. Some have symptoms while others have active disease. Cardiologists work to treat heart diseases as well as preventing the diseases. When you choose a cardiologist, it is important to ensure that you don’t take the decision lightly. Follow the following tips to get a qualified physician who will handle your heart issues excellently.

Doctor’s Recommendations

You will always have hundreds of cardiologists to choose from. Mostly, before deciding to visit a cardiologist, your doctor will examine you and recommend a particular heart expert. Doctors have interacted with cardiologists and know who can best to the handle heart problem.


The location of the cardiologist office is located, or the hospitals where they have privileges are imperative. For a person with active heart issues, they will need to make several trips for checkups all year round. With thousands of cardiologists around New York, it is essential to choose the closest to your residence.


Cardiologists specialize in treating and preventing blood vessel and heart diseases. There are several qualifications that you can look for to ensure you get a good cardiologist. Firstly, ensure they have the acronym F.A.C.C following their names. This acronym stands for Fellow of the American College of cardiology. With this title, it means that the physician is an elected professional who has achieved excellence in the cardiology field. Secondly, ensure that they are certified by American Board of Internal Medicine.


The level of experience of a cardiologist is critical, especially when it comes to using technology or undertaking a certain procedure. Ensure that you ask a doctor how many times he/she has conducted heart or blood vessel related surgeries. Studies show that patients attended by cardiologists who have performed surgeries or implanted less than ten devices have a 60 percent chance of getting complications as compared to those who have delivered or implanted over 29. With that said, it is essential to get a cardiologist who has attended several clients.

Search for Online Reviews

Online reviews of doctors from previous patients are helpful. However, you should not use the reviews as the only determinant factor. Sometimes, the best cardiologists may get lesser reviews because of nonissues such as parking hassles and waiting times.

Insurance Coverage

Double check with your health insurer to make sure that you choose a cardiologist in your network of physicians. You don’t want to foot bills for medical services that can be paid by your insurance provider. Within New York City, you will be able to find several cardiologists who are within your network of physicians.

About Edward Honig

When you are in search of a knowledgeable cardiologist with New York City, you will be referred to Dr. Edward Honig of Glen Cove Hospital. Honig is a dedicated heart surgeon who has saved the lives of many. Dr. Edward, 90, has been in the cardiology segment for over 66 years.

Honig pursued a degree in medicine from the Duke University School of Medicine. He was licensed by the NYC state in 1952 and has since been practicing cardiology. Over the years he has included diet management, monitoring lungs, blood vessels and blood pressure as a way of preventing heart diseases.

Find out more about Edward Honig: