Sony Outsmarted Again

In today’s technological age, you would be inclined to believe that everyone understands the risk of being hacked. We have all been warned to never use the same password twice, to save classified documents on removable hardware, and to constantly update our computer’s firewalls and virus software. Even after following all of these precautions, skilled […]

New Emojis in 2015

iPhone users will soon be getting new emoji characters after Unicode Consortium announced their future release. Emojis were first introduced in 2010 as an optional emoji keyword for users. Emojis have become quite popular among iPhone users and only until recently was it made available for Android users. Emojis range from emotions to food to […]

The Evicted Black Hole

Astronomers have discovered something amazing in the middle of the Big Dipper’s bowl. It seems a Black Hole was evicted from its galaxy.  It seems that this Black Hole that astronomers call SDSS1133 was evicted from the Markarian 177 galaxy. No, it wasn’t because it was behind on the rent (Astronomers joke too!). The Markarian 177 […]

Lonely? Choose Skout As Your Social Media Network

The majority of people online today are on one social media website or another. Many people also do online dating, and Skout has the best of both worlds. For those who are looking for a date, a friend, or just a buddy to chat it up with, Skout is a great website to join in […]

FreedomPop: Free Mobile and Wireless Internet for All

FreedomPop is a relatively new company that was established in 2011 by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar. Its purpose is to provide free mobile phone and wireless internet services to people residing in the United States of America. FreedomPop launched in the autumn of 2012, and FreedomPop’s high speed wireless internet service works on Sprint’s […]

Money From A Dead Man

When your spouse dies, you don’t want to deal with all of the bill collectors who only want money that is owed for the bills that were left behind. One woman who lost her husband kept getting phone calls from T-Mobile about the phone bill that her husband had left. He couldn’t do anything about […]

Breaktrough for RNA Interferance Therapy

It has been known for a while that short strands of artificial RNA can interfere with the intracellular processes involved in cancer, genetic disorders, and viral diseases. They do this by binding to, and effectively neutralizing, the specific messenger RNAs coding for the anomalous proteins. This phenomenon is called RNA interference (RNAi). One of the […]

Mapping the Gay Genome?

Are gay men born gay, or do they make a conscious lifestyle choice to behave in a gay manner? A recent, intensive study of 409 gay twins has demonstrated that being gay is determined by one’s genes. The study, carried out by the NorthShore Research Institute of Illinois, examined the genetic structure of 409 pairs […]

Time to Pay YouTube

There has been an uproar in recent years over the distribution of free music downloads. Pirated music costs music artists millions in annual revenue. Many people argue that music artists make enough money so the lost revenue does not effect them in a substantial way. Think of it in this way. Every song is an […]

Europeans Spend Over a Billion Dollars to Land On a Space Rock

The European Space Agency successfully landed the probe Philae on the surface of a comet this Wednesday. In layman’s terms, they spent $1.6 billion and 10 years of sustained effort to land a small metal vehicle on the top of a space rock. *Big thanks to my friend Christian Broda for coming up with that […]