Qnet: Setting the New Global Standard

QNet is a reliable, international marketing company coming into it’s 17th year of business.  Originating in Hong Kong, QNet has offices based in many parts of Asia, Africa as well as parts of the Middle East. The large variety of products this company offers range from energy and weight management and personal health goods, to […]

Igor Cornelsen, the Boss of Brazilian Banking

A knowledgeable investment advisor and the proprietor for Bainbridge Inv. Inc., Igor Cornelsen knows the in and outs of finance and investment in Brazil. He understands Brazilian Business culture and knows what it takes to become a successful shareholder in the Brazilian Market. Cornelsen knows which successful growth stocks to invest in; corporations he predicts […]

Jared Haftel Is Using His Education To Help People

Jared Haftel is a graduate of Duke University, and he is completing his MBA at Stanford University. His life’s passion is working with people who are having troubles handling their money. He has a great deal of expertise in the banking world, and he knows how to work with computers. He is working on ways […]

Sam Tabar: Legal and Investment Extraordinaire

For all of my fellow techies out there, my friend Sam from New York who is an investment strategist was recently featured in this CNBC article where he reveals the secret on how to save and plan, for retirement..or more gadgets! Sam Tabar is a legal and investment extraordinaire who earned his education at Oxford […]

Vijay Eswaran’s Guide To Decision Making

Decision making is an art and no one understands this better than QNET’s CEO Vijay Eswaran. He has written four books on various topics, including his reflections and thoughts on success and tools important to be successful in life. His books are doorways to achieving satisfaction in not only one’s personal life but also the […]

Andrew Heiberger: The Developmental Visionary

It seems that everything Andrew Heiberger orchestrates turns to gold! Coming from a long line of Real Estate Brokers, Heiberg took a liking to the trade at the early age of 16 buying and selling land with his family in Long Island, New York. By 1994, Heiberger had begun the development of his own real […]

Generalizations Don’t Help Patients Either

The New York Times published an article by Professor Aaron E. Carroll of Indiana University School of Medicine on January 12 titled “Doing More for Patients Often Does No Good.” Professor Carroll argues that recent studies show that doctors are often doing too much because patients demand it, they fear the outcome of providing inadequate […]

Electronic Tablets for Therapy

Physiotherapists draw attention to new symptoms they observe in more patients that are directly related to the use of electronic tablets. More and more young people should consult specialists for these symptoms; some call these as “Tablet disease.” Children are more sufferers, of course. These symptoms include pain in the neck and back caused by poor […]

Mark Ahn Is Changing How Scientists View Business

Dr. Mark Ahn and his firm Pukana Partners are helping people in the science world to change the way that they look at business. He knows that many people in the science community are not sure how to manage a business, and he knows that many brilliant people do not succeed. He has come up […]

President Introduces Plan To Bring Affordable and Faster Internet

The state of the internet in the United States has been a hot topic for months, with the battle brewing between the government and internet provider companies. In the end, most of the internet issue comes down to dollars, with companies wanting to allot the highest speeds to those that are willing and capable of […]