Hawks Former Owners Sue Insurance Company over Ferry Settlement

The former owners of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, (AHBE) have filed a lawsuit against their former insurance company “New Hampshire Insurance Company” claiming breach of contract surrounding the settlement claims that were made by the former general manger, Danny Ferry.

The current owners of the Atlanta Hawks are not involved with the lawsuit in any way.

The lawsuit was filed on September 13 in the Superior Court of Fulton County. The insurance company was also described as AIG. The suit is a civil action claiming breach of contract and insurance bad faith. According to AHBE, their documentation shows they were insured under specific coverage, including “wrongful termination” and “workplace torts.”

On April 2, 2015, AHBE gave AIG notice that a claim had been brought by Ferry. At that time, AHBE believed they were covered and all correspondence with AIG left them under the assumption that they would be covered if the claim did go through.

Ferry and AHBE reached a buyout agreement of an undisclosed amount in June of 2015, which ended their six-year relationship and $18 Million contract. According tom Forbes.com, the sale approval was official just two days later.

The lawsuit specifically states that AIG refuses to acknowledge that a claim was made, and even refuses to acknowledge that the claim had been triggered at all. It also states that AIG refused to participate in AHBE’s defense or even accept coverage when discussions were going on between AHBE owners and Ferry’s counsel.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson began his career as a journalist. This prompted Levenson for a career in business. Along with his partner Ed Peskowitz, Levenson founded the United Communications Group, where he’s served as Partner for 20 years. He graduated from the American University with a law degree. Upon graduation, he worked for the Washington Star. Through hard work and dedication, he holds the title of former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. While he was co-owner, he served as the team’s governor.

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The Important Things In Adam Milstein’s Life As An Entrepreneur

The interview with Adam Milstein was inspirational for those aspiring entrepreneurs. On the interview, he talked about how he started working as a Real Estate Commercial Broker and where did the idea for Hager Pacific Properties came from. He discussed what his life was as an entrepreneur. He discussed his strategies to grow his business, he said that he doesn’t set goals, because goals limit him. His answers were very interesting, and talked about his real estate business such as how real estate has plenty of exciting ups and downs. How the prices fluctuates and it takes a long time to see the results. He told in the interview how he failed by getting a shortcut to success. He mentioned that while he was at school, he used to sell art to temples in Israel, and wanting to get a huge money big time, he bought a huge inventory that didn’t go well and took a long time to sell. He said “the way to succeed is not the quick way but the long way.” When he was asked what was the best $100 he recently spent? What and why? He answered: “Dinner with my wife and kids, because family is the most important.”


Adam Milstein is a successful entrepreneur and an active philanthropist. He graduated from the Technion in 1978. He has a MBA from USC and started his career as a Real Estate Commercial Broker. Adam is now a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a private commercial real estate investment firm. Along with this, he is also is a co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, where he is the chair of their national expansion and a member of board of several organizations, including, the Israel on Campus Coalition , StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, AISH Los Angeles, AIPAC National Council and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel.



Thor Halvorssen, Human Rights Activist, The Most Interesting Man In The World

One of the most interesting people on the planet right now isn’t a political leader. He isn’t a sports or movie star. Instead, the award for most interesting man in the world goes to a human rights activist named Thor Halvorssen.Thor Halvorssen has quite a history. He’s Norwegian and Venezuelan, but he speaks perfect English in an American accent. His lineage is tied to the history of Venezuela and the South American country’s political tie to Norway. His father, a Norwegian politician, was in Venezuela to help fight against drug cartels when he met Thor’s mother.

Like Thor on his facebook account :https://www.facebook.com/thorhalvorssen/

Thor would grow up to attend Pennsylvania University. While Thor was a freshman, his father was thrown into jail as a political prisoner. Apparently, he got a little too close to shutting down the wrong drug cartel. That drug cartel used their political pull to jail the Norwegian representative.His father was in jail for over 70 days. He received poor treatment and beatings. Thor Halvorssen, only a freshman in college, enlisted the help of international human rights organizations to help procure the release of his father. And that was only the beginning of Thor’s political activism.Later in life, his mother was shot in New York City while protesting South American dictatorship. A handful of people were injured in the attack and one woman was killed. Thor got to work to expose the attackers with an article published in the Wall Street Journal. The attacker were eventually caught. Unfortunately, they received incredibly light sentences for their senseless attack on the crowd.

As you can see, Thor Halvorssen’s family suffered quite a bit at the hands of dictators. That’s why the Norwegian political activist created the Human Rights Foundation. The New York City-based human rights group is small but powerful. Thor really knows how to used social media to promote his agendas.That’s what make this human rights icon so interesting. He is almost 40 years old but he knows how to use technology to bring human rights issues to the forefront of collective conscious. It’ll be very interesting to see where this driven man goes.


Securus Technologies Leads the Way in Public Safety with Its Video Visitation Technology

Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas, company that serves the needs of over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies. The company serves the needs of more than 1.2 million inmates across North America.


Securus Technologies is dedicated to serving the public and the corrections industry by providing biometric analysis, public information, emergency response, incident management, investigation, communication, information management, inmate self-service, and monitoring products and services. The goal of these products and services is to make communities safer. Securus Technologies utilizes the mantra of “connecting what matters” in the creation and provision of its products and services.


One of the newer technologies on the market from Securus Technologies is Video Visitation. Video Visitation permits incarcerated people the ability to have meaningful visits with friends and family members.


Video Visitation takes the place of traditional in-person visitation. In-person visitation can be a prohibitive practice for many loved ones, particularly those who do not live in close proximity to a correctional facility.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is a truly cost-effective solution. In this day and age, correctional agencies around the world nearly all face serious budgetary issues. They need to find ways to save money whenever possible.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system costs $2.72 per visitation session. On the other hand, traditional in-person visitation costs about $100 per visit.


In addition, Securus Technologies Video Visitation enhances institutional security. The most significant portal for smuggling dangerous contraband into a prison or jail is in-person visitation. This includes drugs and mobile phone devices.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation also enhance community safety. Incarcerated offenders who maintain contact with loved ones on a consistent basis while in prison or jail have a smoother course of reentry into the real world. In addition, these individuals are far less likely to reoffend and commit new crimes.


Ricardo Tosto Provides Some Tips on Acing Ethics on the Brazilian Bar

The Bar Exam is a fact of life for aspiring lawyers in Brazil. The intimidating test is an ordeal for many, with bar passage rates going as low as 20-25% in some test administrations. While the odds may seem long, many highly regarded universities do have higher pass rates original source.

The exam is divided into two sections, a multiple-choice section consisting of 80 multiple-choice questions and an essay. Candidates who pass the first section can then sit for the essay section, which is given on a second day. The essay section focuses on a specific field of law which the candidate chooses in advance when registering for the exam.

Ethics is one of key areas tested on the multiple-choice test, and candidates who answer all the ethics questions correctly need only to get half of the questions right on the rest of the exam to ensure that they advance to the essay section.

Here are some tips for doing well on the Brazilian bar exam’s ethics questions.

  1. Be aware of regulations concerning advertising. Ads must be discrete and serious and many advertising techniques are against the rules.
  1. Mobile and Internet advertising are legal, but again tactics that amount to barratry are barred.
  1. Be aware of the minimum fees for services established by the national bar.
  1. It is now legal for lawyers to accept credit cards for legal fees here.

Ricardo Tosto is a graduate of McKenzie Presbyterian University in Sao Paulo, one of the city’s most prestigious law schools. Ricardo Tosto& Associates also has offices in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. In addition, Ricardo Tosto is highly regarded in the Brazilian legal profession as a civil litigator.

Ricardo Tosto’s firm has more than 300 team members, with 27 attorneys on staff. Chambers Global, an international guide to law firms recently named Ricardo Tosto & Associates as one of the top dispute resolution firms in the world.

AXA Advisors & Mr. Vinny Parascandola

When it comes to verified insurance, management of investment or any other financial services, AXA, a multinational French syndicate, is one of the global leaders. What started of as a small insurance firm in 1816, later acquired another such firm to form the Mutuelles Unies. Showing remarkable progress, they went on to further acquire the Drouot Group in 1982. In 1985 they adopted the name AXA, which was later changed to AXA-UAP after buying the UAP insurance company, for a brief while before reverting back to the original name.

They currently have their headquarters in Paris. With their operating income over 8 billion Euros, they earn a profit of more than 5 billion Euros every financial year. Though they are a core group in France, they operate all over the world including the USA, Canada, Asia Pacific and Africa, being their main markets. Apart from their business, they believe in funding for global beneficial causes. The AXA research fund was set up in 2008, which has an endowment of more than 100 million Euros, supporting hundreds of researchers all over the world.

It has been the fortune of the company to have the likes of Vincent Parascandola as their Senior Executive Vice President. He heads the sales and management divisions, and is also responsible for recruiting and training up financial professionals. He started off his career as a normal agent way back in 1987. After being identified as the National Rookie of the Year, he joined MONY in 1990 before becoming a permanent part of the AXA in 2004.

He was appointed as the co-manager of the New York branch and had to handle more than 400 professionals initially. To the day he has numerous awards and distinctions to his name. Being a great orator, he is called upon by various companies and universities to share his experiences. Mr. Parascandola is indeed a great asset to the insurance firm.


Investment Advisory Company, Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a Tennessee-based, financial advisor company that has been around since 1987. The company which is SEC registered mainly deals with the management of fixed, domestic and international equity portfolios. Among the assets they manage include pooled vehicles accounts, banks, and high net worth individuals, insurance companies, and pension plans. They currently have over 15.4 billion assets under their management.


Highland Capital Management utilizes the team player strategy in addition to maintaining quality customer service. When these procedures are combined with an eager mind, it results to success in the highly competitive market. Additionally, they ensure that their portfolios are set in the right way such that they do not cause conflict with the customer interest.


Company Strategies


The company has managed to sail through the highly competitive market through the application of working strategies and work core values. For instance, the company utilizes the strategy of international market equity to measure the quantitative models for significant data that consequently affect the direct foreign investment opportunities.


As a way of providing quality customer service to clients, Highland Capital Management uses the 401(k) strategy. This plan enhances online access to accounts as well as through the phone at any time and from anywhere. The policy also provides education on risk management via eight models.


Each and every strategy applied by the company has the aim of enhancing quality service provision. Additionally, the policies help the company realize their set goals to help then in succeeding investment wise.


The Company Leadership


Highland Capital Management has strong management and no wonder the continuous growth throughout the years. The company is spearheaded by president and co-founder, James Dondero, who also plays the role of a portfolio manager and managing partner. Mark Okada, the company co-founder, and the chief investment officer is also a portfolio manager.

To assist the two co-founders is Frank George Waterhouse, who plays the role of chief finance officer. Harold Sigel Jr., who is the managing director of the institutional fundraising and client service, and Bradford Keith, who is a partner, senior trader and also plays the role of chief investment officer of retail products and is also a portfolio manager.

Transportation and Mobility Finds a New Ray of Light

To find transportation solution in an around the Williamson and Travis counties, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was created during 2002. This body finds ways to improve and, innovative multi-modal transportation solutions, as well as helps in reducing the menacing congestion of the roads, along with inventing choices of transportation that will help with a feasible way of mobility.

Mike Heiligenstein is famously known for his role as an integral part of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He is the Executive Director of this authority body and has been a part of this grand plan, since its nascent stage.

He has seen this body develop and has also been a part of the very first projects, namely, 183A in Williamson County, which had made cashless toll transactions possible, through all-electronic devices used as a convenient mode of payment.

The mobility authority is structured in a very professional manner and is overseen by a total of seven-member Board of Directors. That being said, the Governor is the person who would appoint the Chairman of the authority, while the Travis and Williamson counties Commissioners Courts would each appoint three members who are rightful to serve on the Board.

This authority board was created under the well planned Texas Transportation Code (Chapter 370), plus, it is authorized by the State law to implement and invent ways of safe and wider ranges of transportation facilities. These facilities include railways, seaports, transit services and even airport.

The Mobility Authorities’ work never ceases, for it is currently undergoing collaboration with the regional transportation entities to verify and study the possibilities of six other expressways which are feasible options, across Central Texas.

Plus, on a very recent endeavor, it has opened the 290 Toll (Manor Expressway) projects and is also working on constructing the Express Lanes on MoPac (Loop 1). According to Forbes, all of this work is done under the keen supervision of Mike Heiligenstein.

Mike has spoken about revolutionary changes in the transportation scenario when it comes to Austin area. He is keen on working with the driverless automobiles and apps that would help people with sharing their rides to go from one point to another, also states that there should be a huge amount of investment when it comes to the growth of the transportation capacity, especially by building several smart roads.

He also exclaims that more, functional smart roads are the one true answer to the growing demands of mobility in this densely populated world, which is ever so growing, thus, finding a solution to something that has been unsolvable for ages.

The Woman with No Limits: Patty Rocklage

Meet the happy, warm and articulate woman who is known for her diversity in various areas of expertise. The effects of Rocklage’s productivity are not only felt by the people she encounters but also become permanent memories in people’s lives and a source of great joy and satisfaction.


Patty Rocklage, a graduate of the University of Southern California, is an experienced therapist specializing in family and marriage therapy. Through her prowess, she has been able to help many couples who seek her services. According to many who have met her, she doesn’t discriminate anyone, and she offers helpful counsel due to her special way of connecting with clients.


Outside her formal career life, Patty extends her services to the entire community as a life coach, through teamwork activities and public speaking. She is a selfless lady who finds satisfaction in serving people. Her actions and service to society elude respect from her peers and the community as a whole.


Rocklage’s services reach out not only to the people of her locality or race, but also to worldwide communities such as Southern Sudan. She has established the Sudanese Education Fund, an outreach program where she actively serves on the board in the department of women. Through this program, the southern Sudanese people in Massachusetts can attain high-quality education, as well as have equal chance to better jobs and living conditions.


Patty also supports and offers a donation to the department of chemistry in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is an exemplary woman who heals both the current generation with her medical skills as a psychotherapist, as well as improving the future generation by providing them with the right education for a successful and healthy future.


Patty Rocklage is also an excellent modern day successful woman who stands by her husband as a partner in his achievements. She is also known for her good taste in interior and exterior designs, which are evidenced by her burning desire to have her kitchen customized. The interior finishing of her house compliment the elegant personality that she possesses. Through her professionalism and philanthropy, Patty Rocklage has been a success story to everyone around her.


Why Mullen Lowe Company is lucky to have Jose Borghi on their team.

It is very hard to create a great niche in the media industry considering how technology is always changing and the amount of competition present. One individual who has been able to become successful in the Brazilian advertising industry is Jose Borghi. He has been involved in the advertising business for more than twenty years always aiming and doing his best in everything he does. He majorly gained his advertising expertise at Leo Burnett agency where he served as the vice president and later rose to be the organization’s president. While working at Leo Burnett, Borghi had a chance of sharpening his leadership skills that helped when he decided to start his own agency by partnering with Erh Ray.

The two joined hands and started the Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence agency that with time became successful. Later, Lowe and the organization joined to form Mullen Lowe agency. The two became the co-CEOs of Mullen Lowe Company implementing their continuous dedication and hard work. Ever since Jose started his career journey, he has been seen to have a state of art technology and high sense of creativity that helps in creating fantastic adverts. Creating n advert is one thing but creating a unique and wonderful advert is another concept. He has been awarded various prestigious recognition and accolades for his good work such as the campaigns for Antarctica, Mitsubishi, and Ox Cosmetics among others.

Jose Borghi is expected to implement the various business strategies that will help in bringing profits and positive results to the company. He majorly focuses his expertise and time to the innovation and creativity department of the firm to ensure their clients are fully satisfied, and their needs met. He works hand in hand with the other members showing and directing them what to do and what not to. He believes that through teamwork and dedication, Mullen Lowe Company will come on top and become the best advertisement agency in Brazil and the world. This is what keeps him going in his day to day activity. His determination and courage when it comes to going for what he aspires are what makes Jose Borghi different from other media personalities in the industry.