Apps for Avoiding GMOs and Pesticides

Knowing what’s in your food is important. That’s why you should have an app to help you avoid things like GMOs and Pesticides. Both of which can raise your risk for tons of different types of health issues. Including cancer, obesity, and a whole host of other major issues. If you want to keep your […]

What is the appropriate punishment for hacking?

As reported by The Guardian, four hackers are facing criminal charges for allegedly stealing software from Microsoft and Zombie Studios. Their haul: unreleased video games and helicopter training software. The laundry list of charges includes copyright infringement, wire fraud and identity theft. The group made no money off the theft. They claim their motivation was […]

Hiding Sexy Pictures on Your Phone is Easy

The iCloud hack taught us two major things about sexting. No. 1, it’s a perfectly normal thing that even celebrities engage in with their significant others. No. 2, sometimes you might want to put an extra layer of security on your nudes, before allowing the iCloud to back them up for you. You don’t have […]

Awesome Paid iPhone Apps That Are Free for a Limited Time

The app store is a frustrating place. Almost all apps go through a short phase where they are totally free. Other times, they’ll set you back $5, $10, and sometimes even $20. That’s why finding those windows when they are totally free is important. Here are a couple that just became free for a limited […]

First Trailer For Michael Mann’s Blackhat is Live

Not a whole lot was known about Michael Mann’s new thriller, Blackhat prior to today. We knew that Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, was set to star. But not a whole lot else. That’s all changed today, with a full plot synopsis, and the first trailer for Michael Mann’s latest project. The Synopsis reads: Set within […]