Norway Goes Digital

In an apparent shift towards the future, Norway has decided to get rid of FM radio stations once and for all. With only 5 FM stations remaining in the country as opposed to 22 now on digital streaming, the country has decided to do away with FM completely. What does this mean? Well, it means […]

Google Wallet is Now FDIC-Insured

The money you store in Google Wallet is now insured by the FDIC. Money you store in a traditional bank account in the United States is typically insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). That insurance means that even if something happens to the bank, your money is safe. That means if the bank […]

Google Nearly Purchased Tesla Two Years Ago

Back in early 2013, electric car manufacturer Tesla was facing serious financial hardships. The upstart company was on the brink of bankruptcy and was having a difficult time connecting with the car buying public. Tesla co-founder Elon Musk was weighing his options and reached out to his friend Larry Page of Google. The two agreed […]

Facebook Has Admitted To Tracking Non Users

Facebook has been tracking you, even though you may have not be using their site. This is old news off course, especially since a Belgium report had already suggested the same. In a recent press release however, Facebook have indeed admitted to tracking people who are not using their site and are blaming it on […]

Polio- A Disease of the Past

For years, scientists have been working on a vaccine that will completely eradicate polio, and other diseases. Today, a new vaccine has been developed, and is now making worldwide news. The new vaccine is needless, and painless. The application- a mere mirconeedle patch, is applied on the skin. The vaccine resembles a bandage. It is […]

Comcast Denies Cancellation after House Fire

There’s no denying that customer service from cable companies around the country is a little lackluster. If you pay attention to social media you’ll probably notice that Comcast is one of the worst offenders on this front. They make it extremely difficult to cancel your service even if your house burns down. This was the […]

Spacecraft Dawn To Enter Into The Orbit Of Ceres

The Dawn spacecraft of NASA is about to enter this week in the orbit of Ceres, the smallest dwarf planet in the solar system. The Dawn mission, launched in September 2007, has already observed the asteroid Vesta for a year. It is noteworthy that Vesta and Ceres are the two largest objects in the main […]

Scientists Don’t Think Negative Salt Rap is Justified

For years the Federal Government has warned Americans to cut back on their salt intake. Salt has been blamed for high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks that have been the cause of thousands of deaths, yearly. Alexei Beltyukov said the Federal Government and the scientists agree there’s a limit to how much salt people […]

3D Printers, A New Medical Tool

What do pediatric surgery and 3D printers have in common? Apparently, they have more in common than we realized. Violet Pietrok was born with a rare deformity that kept her facial bones from properly fusing. Called a Tessier cleft, the birth defect prevented Violet’s nose from forming cartilage and has caused her eyes to be […]

Pirate Bay Owners Apply for Their Very Own Top Level Domain

The ongoing battle over piracy seems to be never-ending, especially for sites like The Pirate Bay. In order to side-step potential problems with domain name registrars, parent company Reservella Ltd. has applied for their very own.PIRATE global top level domain. The domain name industry has been one of the hardest hit in terms of anti-piracy. […]