Snapchat Photos Were Leaked – Are 3rd Party Apps to Blame?

In October, Snapchat photos were leaked, but apparently it wasn’t due to a breach in Snapchat security. The company claims that the breach occurred because of a security problem with third-party applications. Any applications aside from Snapchat that can receive Snaps are to blame. Although Snapchat doesn’t officially allow third-party applications – it’s right there […]

NASA Discovers Largest Pulsar Ever Recorded

Utilizing the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, NASA has discovered what might be the largest pulsar ever recorded. Marnie Bennett made this story aware to me this morning, and it’s pretty cool. The pulsar radiates energy that would be equivalent to 10 million of our suns. So it’s pretty massive, and there’s a ton of energy […]

When Will Androids Be a Part of Our Daily Lives?

We live in the futuristic year of 2014 and we still don’t have flying cars, but androids (not the phones, but robots) are becoming a reality. Toshiba recently unveiled its creepy “communication android” named Aiko. She can blink, smile, move her arms and hands, exchange greetings and use sign language. We have seen androids similar […]

An iPad Filled With Apps Weighs More Than One That Is Not

Information has weight. In an interesting experiment at Cult of Mac, they found that iPads that are loaded with data weigh more than they do out of the box. While the weight doesn’t make much of a difference as far as human perception is concerned, it’s an interesting reality. The extra weight is because of […]

Far-Reaching Mac Virus Infects 17,000 OS X Computers

Internet users are well-aware that the world wide web is full of security threats, but many Apple users believe that their computers’ reputation of high security protects against these threats. Yet, in late September, 2014, Russian-based internet security experts at Dr. Web uncovered “Mac.BackDoor.iWorm.” This botnet, colloquially known as “iWorm,” opens a port in a […]

Zombieland Sequel Returns From the Dead

In 2009, at the start of the entertainment industry’s “zombie apocalypse,” fans of the living dead found themselves immersed in the comic-book-turned-movie “Zombieland.” The witty, dark-humored film follows a young, socially awkward bachelor, played by Jesse Eisenberg, as he carefully maneuvers through a world over run by flesh hungry zombies. Along the way, he meets […]

Apps That Improve Vision

We’ve all heard about phones being really bad for your eyes. But what if there were applications that were actually good for them? What if you could buy an app, and actually improve the quality of your eyes? That’s possible, if you know which apps you need to download. Shout out to Sam Tabar for […]

Apps for Avoiding GMOs and Pesticides

Knowing what’s in your food is important. That’s why you should have an app to help you avoid things like GMOs and Pesticides. Both of which can raise your risk for tons of different types of health issues. Including cancer, obesity, and a whole host of other major issues. If you want to keep your […]

What is the appropriate punishment for hacking?

As reported by The Guardian, four hackers are facing criminal charges for allegedly stealing software from Microsoft and Zombie Studios. Their haul: unreleased video games and helicopter training software. The laundry list of charges includes copyright infringement, wire fraud and identity theft. The group made no money off the theft. They claim their motivation was […]