Online Pornography Undercuts Marriage Prospects

A new study reveals that regular viewing of online pornography is leading to a decline in the number of men choosing to get married. The study asserts that men who find sexual gratification through pornography won’t seek marriage to fulfill their needs. The only problem is that the data may be skewed. If men are […]

Apps Used by Professional Web Designers

Web design is an art form, but one that also requires a bend towards efficiency, and just how easy it is for the average user to use. Without these things, nobody will want to browse these sites. Web designers can benefit from a number of ways by using applications to enhance their overall productivity while […]

NASA Rover Finds Water on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover successfully drilled into a Martian rock and discovered several critical finds for the scientific community. Organic molecules were discovered on Mars, along with ancient water samples and a first detection of methane. The Curiosity rover that was send to Mars has been able to drill into a piece of Martian rock called Cumberland. Samples […]

New Chemicals Discovered in Frontier Chemical Space

A new frontier in chemistry has opened up, and dozens of new chemical compounds have been named as proof of this critical discovery. The Scripps Research Institute has created a new method of joining complex organic molecules. These new combinations can be used to improve much needed pharmaceuticals for medical and health applications, for example. […]

Saving Things to a Hard Drive Can Help You Remember

Being able to remember things has long been something of challenge that many people have had some difficulty with. However, a recent study published by Psychological Science reveals that saving data to a trusted source via computer can actually increase memory efficiency and enhance mental capacity. I was reading about this study while reading about Qnet the […]

Sea Algae May Protect Against HPV

Research done on women concerning the use of sea-algae based intimate lubricants is now being used to aid researchers examining whether this practice could help gay and bisexual men as well. One year ago, the double-blind, randomized, controlled trial with more than 450 female participants tested a lubricant used during sexual intercourse to see what […]

FCC Raises Broadband Internet Standards

Internet Service Providers are not pleased today. On Thursday, the FCC issued a decision that raised the definition for “broadband” internet service from 4mbps to 10mbps, with a 1mbps upload speed. Internet providers have spent months lobbying and protesting the proposed change, but the commission was firm that rural Americans needed to be kept up […]

Martian Lake?

The Curiosity rover has been making its way around Mars for over two years now, and it is still doing fascinating work. At present, the rover is testing a vast crater to find out if was once an ancient lake. Scientists speculate that the 3 mile high Mt. Sharp, may have formed in a lake bed […]

Brain Training Doesn’t Make You Smarter

Brain training has become very popular in recent years.These training programs promise to enrich lives by increasing intellect. Stanford University Center on Longevity hasn’t found any substantial proof brain training improves intelligence. Seventy of the world’s foremost psychologists told John Textor that claimed brain training will neither make a person smarter nor will it slow […]

The Pirate Bay Goes Down

People that are fans are torrents are more than a little upset at this time. One of the most popular pirate sites in the world, Pirate Bay, has gone down. This doesnt affect people who buy their music legally like Vijay Eswaran but it comes during a time where Sony has been attacked and major films […]