Should Amateur Investors Turn Towards Investment Banks?

Bad investment tips are rampant and easy to come by. Stock tips and stock picks from experts are no more likely to work in your favor than random chance. Newspapers and news channels often have sections devoted to these stock tips and picks, though there’s no evidence that an expert’s opinion is more likely to […]

Retire Early with Martin Lustgarten’s Investment Advice

Martin Lustgarten is renowned as a man of the world and one of its greatest investment advisers. He has spent a considerable portion of his life in the Austrian and Venezuelan markets. This experience has turned Martin into the global economy in a way that makes him truly special. He knows the best investment opportunities […]

Clay Siegall Is Saving Lives At Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is the company that Clay Siegall started to sell and market the antibody based drugs that he can up with the fight cancer. He has spent a long career in medicine trying to help people, and he has wanted to be sure that all his patients are given a chance at survival. Everyone […]

Reputation-Attack Sites. Buyer Beware.

There are many people out there who find themselves playing the catch up game when it comes to managing their online reputations. When a company or person does not have a proactive online Reputation Defender and review strategy, they often find themselves responding to negative information put out there by others to hurt their reputation. […]

Automated Forms Improve Criminal Justice System

When we talk about the criminal justice system, there are plenty of flaws that we normally discuss. Regardless of where you stand on the treatment of prisoners, I think that it’s fair to say that we all agree more could be done to improve our system. Of course, I’ll admit that even I haven’t considered […]

How To Become A More Successful Stock Trader

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Doe Deere and Lime Crime: A Modern Unicorn Fairy Tale

Lime Crime is a name that has quickly become recognizable in the world of makeup, and it’s easy to see why. Doe Deere’s hot new color scheme emphasizes vibrant shades of neon hues. Sparkles and color vibrantly build up the palates with which Lime Crime is most commonly associated, and there’s a sense that this […]

Goettl Air Conditioning Involved in an Act of Charity

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, old adults are at risk of suffering from chronic medical conditions as a result of heat. Unlike young people, older adults lose the ability to adjust to temperature changes with ease, making them prone to heatstroke among other chronic conditions. For Jean Jackson, a 94-year-old Las Vegan, that was the sad reality staring at her before Goettl Air Conditioning came to her rescue. Her life and well-being were relying on two small window air conditioners that were barely functioning properly. Jackson knew she was in trouble when her air conditioners failed, and she had no other way of cooling her one bedroom trailer. Apparently, her air conditioners were so old and out of production, such that they were irreparable. A newer system needed rewiring which she couldn’t afford on her meager social security fund. Goettl Air Conditioning sold to Tenn. contractor Miss Jackson’s only hope now lied on moving into a nursing home as advised by paramedics. Having suffered a heat stroke before, this seemed like the only solution, until Goettl Air Conditioning showed up. According to the Las Vegas Informer, Ken Goodrich, Goettl Air Conditioning and sister company The Sunny Plumber’s owner reached out and got connected to miss Jackson through the Clark County Social Service Department. His belief that businesses need to look after the less fortunate in their community led him to seek out for Jean and help her restore her house. The Sunny Plumber, a sister company to Goettl Air Conditioning, fixed Jean’s water line, while Goettl created a custom mini-split air conditioning unit for her home. The custom unit allows her to cool her house during summer and warm it in winter. Had she been paying for the work done, it would cost her about $14,000. The Las Vegas Informer reported of Miss Jackson’s gratitude to Goettl Air Conditioning and the sister company for having granted her back her freedom. She said she did not like the idea of moving into a nursing home, and nothing could make her happier than keeping her home and her independence. Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl. The company began its operations in Las Vegas in 1968. Goettl Air Conditioning is an all rounded company, offering new units, as well as repair and maintenance services to residential heating ventilation and air conditioning systems. Goettl is a trusted company that runs background checks and drug-testing on its technicians, besides providing them with continuous technical training, making them the best in the industry.

The Benefits of Using Goettl Air Conditioning Company

For a business that is of the highest quality that offers customers with the best quality installations and products at the cheapest available price, one company in particular that is leading the air conditioning industry is that of Goettl, a family owned business that has undergone countless changes over the past few years to now be a unstoppable company that will continue on into the future. The success of Goettl is a result of a new management shift in 2012 which turned Goettl from a plummeting business that was losing sales to a business that began to thrive and grow exponentially.   The secret to the success of Goettl is the emphasis that the company has on customer service and to making sure that the customer always gets exactly what is required and more. With some of the highest quality services, Goettl even takes pictures of the finished product as a sign of proof for the care that this company took in installing what needed to be done. As a company that is currently located in the Southwest region, Goettl is able to provide customers with some of the best services on even some of the hottest days in history of air conditioning.   In recent news, Goettl has grown even more to become a company that has recently shift management again to be owned by a Memphis-based business. Despite the new management Goettl is now more a part of the community than ever by helping individuals in their time of need even if they cannot pay for it. In most recent news, Goettl helped a 94 year old woman by putting in a new air conditioner that saved her from the dreadful heat that is associated with Las Vegas in the summer, the hottest and most dreadful part to experience in the year. This new shift in management has only improved the overall quality of the customer service and the efficiency that Goettl provides to each and every customer. Goettl now even offers free consultations and checkups that enable the experts that work with this company to see if the installations are running smoothly. Goettl is a company that has been passed down for over 70 years and is now a company that is continuing to lead the air conditioning industry with innovative provides as well as excellent customer service. This company will continue to expand into the future and beyond. Learn More:

JustFab CEO Adam Goldenberg Has Established Track Record of Entrepreneurial Success

Adam Goldenberg has become a successful entrepreneur. Goldenberg’s first entrepreneurial project was launched through funding from his Bar Mitzvah money. At the age of 13, Goldenberg started an online bulletin board service. A few years later, Goldenberg turned the company into Gamer’s Alliance, a gaming website. Gamer’s Alliance was received and caught the attention of […]